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  • How to Read and Interpret the Wear Pattern on Your Running Shoes

    Runners Connect
    Matt Phillips
    18 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    One of the best things about running is that you can do it anywhere. It does not require expensive equipment or fancy gym machinery to run. The only thing you may need to invest in is some running shoes. When we make the trip to a running store or look online at what shoes we want, one of the first things we tend to look at before purchasing a new pair is the wear pattern exhibited on the soles of the trainers we are replacing. Wear pattern can provide a glimpse of how we run but misinterpretation of these patterns may lead us down a road of inappropriate shoe selection and running form…
  • RA064 | Dr. Nicholas Romanov: How to Run Faster, Farther and Injury Free

    Runner Academy
    Matt Johnson
    1 Dec 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Dr. Nicholas Romanov is an author, world-renowned sports scientist with a career spanning over forty years, developer of the Pose Method of running and one of the world’s leading experts on running technique. He was born, raised and educated in Russia, but relocated to United States in the early 1990s. A man of humble beginnings, Dr. Romanov became a star Track & Field athlete. He became a champion with several records in high-jump standing unmatched for years and later a 2-time Olympic Coach that coached champions. He has conducted a significant body of scientific research…
  • Common Causes of Injuries

    Jeff Galloway's Blog
    Jeff Galloway
    7 Dec 2014 | 2:28 pm
    It’s a physiological fact that the constant use of a muscle, tendon or joint without a break will result in earlier fatigue and reduced work potential. Continuing to run/walk when the muscle is extremely fatigued increases the quantity of micro-tears dramatically and is a major cause of injury. By pacing conservatively and by inserting walk breaks early and often, you will gain a great deal of control over the fatigue process. You’ll empower the muscles to maintain resiliency and capacity. This lowers the chance of breakdown, by significantly reducing the accumulating damage that leads to…
  • Tips for Surviving an Ice Bath

    The Runner Dad » Running & Fitness
    Matt Orlando
    10 Nov 2014 | 2:00 am
    The ice bath. One of running’s greatest rights of passage. The need for an ice bath signifies a milestone in your training. You have passed into double-digit mileage. You are well into your training and getting physically and mentally prepared for one of the greatest challenges a runner faces: the double-digit race. Whether you are running 12 miles or 20 miles, taking an ice bath will greatly decrease your post-long-run recovery time and have you back to walking normal faster than you would have thought possible. Since I started running half and full marathons in 2007, I have taken…
  • 2014 The North Face 50 Mile Endurance Challenge

    Running With My Demons
    17 Dec 2014 | 8:39 am
    On December 6, 2014 the most competitive 50 mile race on US soil took place in the muddy trails of Marin Headlands. Leading up to the event, we chronicle thoughts and training of 5 noteworthy athletes.From Boulder to Mammoth Lakes, follow athletes Sage Canaday (Hoka One One), Tim Tollefson (Nike Trail), Alex Varner (Nike Trail), Dylan Bowman (The North Face) and Timmy Olson (The North Face) in their quest to stake a spot atop the coveted podium.Directed & Produced by: Billy Yanghttp://billyyangfilms.comSage Canaday: @SageCanadayAlex Varner: @afvarnerDylan Bowman: @dylanboTim Tollefson:…
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    Jeff Galloway's Blog

  • The Top Five Reasons Why You Need Shoe Advice

    Jeff Galloway
    15 Dec 2014 | 7:50 pm
    1. Even the better shoe companies are using gimmicks in their design: some of the gimmicks work and some don’t. 2. There’s always a reason why the catalog offers a dramatic discount on a given shoe. 3. The same shoe may be made in different factories-making each significantly different in the way it fits and in the many subtle ways it works when you run or walk. 4. Only people who are really into running or walking shoes can keep up with the gossip on them-due to constant feedback they receive from hundreds of customers each week who really use the shoe for exercise.   5. Only…
  • Does Your Energy Drink Add to Holiday Fatigue? Guest Post by Dr. Robert Portman

    Jeff Galloway
    9 Dec 2014 | 5:48 pm
    Does Your Energy Drink Add to Holiday Fatigue? Dr. Robert Portman Everyone feels tired around the holidays. Shopping, family obligations, parties, overeating and lack of sleep can quickly drain your energy stores.  Polls have shown that 68% of Americans experience greater fatigue over the holidays.  It’s also not surprising that during the holidays caffeine consumption increases. Caffeine’s beneficial effects include increasing energy, reducing fatigue and improving alertness and mental focus.  Caffeine is an effective energy boost that can get you through a hard day of shopping or a…
  • Common Causes of Injuries

    Jeff Galloway
    7 Dec 2014 | 2:28 pm
    It’s a physiological fact that the constant use of a muscle, tendon or joint without a break will result in earlier fatigue and reduced work potential. Continuing to run/walk when the muscle is extremely fatigued increases the quantity of micro-tears dramatically and is a major cause of injury. By pacing conservatively and by inserting walk breaks early and often, you will gain a great deal of control over the fatigue process. You’ll empower the muscles to maintain resiliency and capacity. This lowers the chance of breakdown, by significantly reducing the accumulating damage that leads to…
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    Another Runner

  • Skora Fit Review: 'Fit but You Know It!'

    Ashwyn Gray
    7 Dec 2014 | 12:19 pm
    "I think those are the ugliest shoes you've ever worn." My wife was looking at me as if I were offering her a piece of cake that I'd just scraped off the floor—confused that I'd present such a thing and appalled by its appearance. She was reacting to the new Skora Fit I'd just pulled from the spiffy, blue shoe box. "I'd be embarrassed to wear those outside, if I were you," she emphasized with finality. Technically, I hadn't put them on yet. I almost always have this song in my head when I talk about the Fit! How can I not?!?! It would be difficult to confuse a Skora shoe with another…
  • How Most Runners Deal with Injury (Ubiquitous GIF List)

    Ashwyn Gray
    9 Feb 2014 | 9:07 am
    Injuries suck! You know it, and I know it. And, while we do our best to learn from our running injuries, we can't help but fall victim to some basic, sometimes irrational behavior while coping with not running. The first stage of injury is denial.No, really. Friends want to help. But, you push them away.I'm just quiet right now. When reality sets in, you get sad...So many feelings! ...And moody.Stop typing so loudly! And, you resent other runners that you see while driving.Look at that terrible form! You're doing it wrong! But, you make up for begrudging strangers by emphatically encouraging…
  • This Is Not an Uwharrie Race Report

    Ashwyn Gray
    31 Jan 2014 | 4:10 am
    This is the part where I warn you that the following sentences will be boring and obnoxious. I've been awake these wee morning hours and feeling sorry for myself. And, I've finally hobbled out of bed for the sole purpose of sharing that self pity with you fine folks. Ignore me if you like. I am on the roster to run the Uwharrie 20 miler this Saturday. But, I've had to accept that I am in no condition to run twenty hard trail miles — because shin splints! So, my sought-after place at the starting line will be wasted. (I am sorry, people who didn't get past the lottery this year!) It's…
  • We Were on a Break

    Ashwyn Gray
    3 Dec 2013 | 6:03 pm
    Maybe it was that hurried, lunchtime run at Falls Lake, the one that lasted over an hour-fifteen and probably required more effort than was wise to expend on the day following a track workout. Or, did I over do it in a certain pair of shoes two days ago when I ran three miles more than planned? Or, was it just a combination of things? I'd run less than a mile of my typical, weekday-morning short route, and I was already in the bargaining stage of coping with the realization that I had an injury. Stages one and two (depression and anger) came three minutes earlier and all at once when I…
  • Just a Few Trail Photos, Really

    Ashwyn Gray
    16 Nov 2013 | 8:10 pm
    Falls Lake MST: Section 6 As writers ["writers"] sometimes do, I am finding myself frustrated by flocks of article ideas flittering around in my head searching for their words. I sit down and try to force myself to type something informative and insightful for you fine folks. But, the sentences just suck. And, I'm not going to waste your time with sucky stuff! You deserve better! But, I'm pretty sure we are all tired of seeing the post about my unfortunate foot blemish on the home page of this site. So, let's just kick that into the archives with this little pictorial piece. There are…
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    Cool Running

  • The Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon Adds Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay and 39.3 Challenge--Excitement is Building

    19 Dec 2014 | 11:02 am
    Set for the weekend of May 8, 9, 10, 2015, the Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon is evolving. It’s the best of old and new, and the innovations have the New England running scene buzzing. The Marathon on Sunday has much the same course made famous from 1980 to 1986—gorgeous views and point-to-point along the coast. They have added the Half Marathon and Bosom Buddy Half Marathon Relay on Saturday to provide a terrific run for everyone. The inventive 39.3 Challenge combines both, back to back. Enjoy these awesome courses in a wonderful locale, and so much more!Related:Shipyard Maine Coast…
  • The 12 Workouts of Christmas

    19 Dec 2014 | 11:01 am
    Want some creative workouts this holiday season? Put down that eggnog and try one of these workouts before Christmas.
  • What Pace Should I Run, Coach?

    19 Dec 2014 | 10:59 am
    As a runner, there are only four speeds you need to run. Find out what they are and when to use them.
  • Your Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon, 5K and Summer Festival Brings a Great Running Event to Portland, Maine

    19 Dec 2014 | 10:58 am
    Yes, it’s dynamic road racing in Maine’s largest city, a city that embraces the famous Old Port. Portland has become a magnet for runners, bicyclists, shoppers and foodies. It has so many options in eclectic shops, great restaurants, wonderful pubs, the maritime waterfront with ferries, ships, and pleasure craft of all types; and Casco Bay with its 365 islands. The Old Port is an attraction for many, and on July 11, 2015 it will draw several thousand runners for a terrific running tour of it all, including the picturesque Back Cove.Related:Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon and 5K Website
  • Top Running Jackets of the Season

    19 Dec 2014 | 10:56 am
    Tired of being cold on your run? Stay warm and comfortable with this selection of the best running jackets on the market.
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    Make It a Masterpiece

  • It's Been A While

    14 Dec 2014 | 5:07 pm
    ... since I posted on this blog.  We've moved from one house to another, and that whole project has higher priority than blogging and, apparently, higher even than running.We're settled into the new home now, though, even if still a little tight. There are boxes not yet unpacked, but the good news is that there are a few drawers and shelves not yet filled. Here's hoping it will all come out even - a substantial downsizing is involved!We have run exactly three times since the MEC Vancouver Marathon on November 16. That's four weeks with three runs. Tsk. Hopefully tomorrow.Tuesday,…
  • MEC Vancouver Marathon Review

    16 Nov 2014 | 10:21 pm
    Sunday, November 16, 2014:This is a low-budget marathon where everything is easy.  Register online for $25 CAD, show up, and run.  Marathon number 85 since my myeloma diagnosis, in 5:46:44, about eight minutes faster than the most recent marathon in Ottawa. This was my second race in Canada, again supporting Nelson Wiebe, an Edmonton college student who is running five marathons this year in honor of his aunt, diagnosed with myeloma in 2010, to increase awareness of myeloma in Canada and to raise money for Myeloma Canada (  He passed me three times in the race,…
  • Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon Review

    16 Nov 2014 | 5:48 pm
    Sunday, October 12, 2014Oops - I wrote this on the plane trip back from Ottawa and then forgot to post it.  In fact, it's been so long since I posted anything that I've almost forgotten how.This marathon lives up to its name.  We lucked out with the weather too, cool and sunny all day, so the trees were at their most spectacular.  I got a few cell-phone shots. I finished my 84th marathon since the diagnosis of myeloma, in 5 hours, 54 minutes, and 37 seconds, about 12 minutes faster than my 83rd marathon, last week.  I was first in my age group, but also alone in my age…
  • Portland Marathon Review

    6 Oct 2014 | 8:22 pm
    It is a good marathon.  We three ran it nine years ago, and were delighted to find that it catered to runners and walkers of any speed.  That has not changed.  The course itself may not be the most picturesque, but the organization definitely makes up for it. My Race:With another marathon just a week from now, and some recent hamstring injuries, I didn't want to push very hard today.  I used a run/walk ratio of one to five, running just 30 footfalls for each 150 walking.  In training that had given me a pace of 12:30 to 13:00, plenty fast enough to finish a marathon…
  • Short Long Run

    14 Sep 2014 | 7:33 pm
    I ran & walked 10 miles today, my longest run in quite a while and my "long run" for the next marathon, three weeks hence. We ran on the Gateway Trail, where I have experienced two of my recent three hamstring injuries.  No injury today!  I would like to do a longer long run, but there isn't time.  From now until the marathon I will do shorter runs, hoping to avoid any more injuries.I hope to finish in less than six hours, so here's my calculation: If I were to walk at a pace of 15 minutes per mile, that's four miles per hour, and in six hours I would get to mile 24.
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    Run Bulldog Run

  • 2014 Cayman Marathon Race Recap

    12 Dec 2014 | 9:56 am
    Not sure I’ve ever written a Cayman Islands Marathon Race Recap, but first a bit of background info. After winning the Breeze Fusion 2 Miler in November 2008, I remember being interviewed by one of the local journalists who asked if I’d be running the marathon the following month. Two trips to the Caribbean in […] The post 2014 Cayman Marathon Race Recap appeared first on Run Bulldog Run.
  • Harbor Lights Half Marathon Race Recap

    25 Nov 2014 | 11:47 am
    Not a whole lot to report from the 2014 Blue Moon Harbor Lights Half Marathon, but I figured it might be useful to jot down a few thoughts and stats for future reference. I signed up for the event back in July when it was first announced by J&A Racing. The local race-management company always […] The post Harbor Lights Half Marathon Race Recap appeared first on Run Bulldog Run.
  • Saucony Breakthru First Impression Review

    19 Nov 2014 | 7:05 am
    It’s no secret that Saucony is one of my favorite running shoe brands. Over the last 3 or 4 years I’ve logged hundreds, if not thousands, of miles in numerous pairs of Kinvara and Virrata models. The Kinvara is pretty much everything I need in a running shoe – affordable, lightweight and cushioned, low heel/toe […] The post Saucony Breakthru First Impression Review appeared first on Run Bulldog Run.
  • Injinji Socks Product Review

    12 Nov 2014 | 9:33 am
    I switched over to Injinji Performance Toesocks earlier this year after once again experiencing battered and blistered little toes during the 2014 Rocky Raccoon 100. In shorter races I never have a problem with blisters, but when the distance gets into Ultramarathon territory, my odd, curled-under-the-fourth-toe little toes always seem to suffer. Over the years […] The post Injinji Socks Product Review appeared first on Run Bulldog Run.
  • Nocciola Hammer Gel Flavor Now Available

    10 Nov 2014 | 1:35 pm
    Hammer Nutrition recently announced a new addition to their ever-expanding range of Hammer Gel flavors, with Nocciola joing Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter-Chocolate as the new kids on the block. Nocciola is a Hazelnut-Chocolate offering made with natural, premium products that will provide smooth, sustained energy. If you like the taste of Nutella (and let’s […] The post Nocciola Hammer Gel Flavor Now Available appeared first on Run Bulldog Run.
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  • US Track & Field Athlete, McPherson, Accepts Sanction for Rule Violation, from USADA

    Larry Eder
    20 Dec 2014 | 8:39 pm
    Inika McPherson has a twenty-one month sanction, starting June 27, 2014. She will loose her two meter clearance from the USA Outdoor Championships.  US Track & Field Athlete, McPherson, Accepts Sanction For Rule ViolationColorado Springs, Colo. (December 19, 2014) - USADA announced today that Inika McPherson, of Houston, Texas, an athlete in the sport of track & field, has tested positive for a prohibited substance and accepted a twenty-one month sanction for her rule violation. McPherson, 28, tested positive for benzoylecgonine as a result of an in-competition…
  • Christian Taylor to move to Netherlands, following Coach Rana Reider

    Larry Eder
    20 Dec 2014 | 4:12 pm
    Christian Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.netFAYETTE COUNTY (USA): Christian Taylor, the Olympic triple jump champion, is aiming to compete at the next two Olympic Games, report The 24 year old American will follow his coach, Rana Reider, to the Netherlands, where he plans on living for the next two years.  (Editor's note: Christian Taylor is one of my favorite athletes. I have met his family, and enjoyed their comments and support of Christian. However, having watched Christian compete, I became even more impressed with his Coach Rana Reider. Christian rediscovered his…
  • Lavillenie with two trophies, by EME News

    Larry Eder
    20 Dec 2014 | 2:48 pm
    Sergey Bubka and Renaud Lavillenie, European Indoors, March 2011, photo by PhotoRun.netLavillenie with two trophiesPARIS (FRA): Pole vault World record holder and IAAF Athlete of the Year Renaud Lavillenie won on Friday evening another award. Actually two during one evening. He became the Champion of Champions in the World and in France in the end of the year poll of the French sports daily L´Équipe. The World trophy was presented to him by the IAAF Vice President and 35 time World record breaker in the pole vault Sergey Bubka. "Enjoy your title and seek new goals," Bubka said. Lavillenie…
  • It isn't the high altitudes alone that make Kenyans the best runners, A View from Kenya, by Justin Lagat

    Larry Eder
    20 Dec 2014 | 12:17 pm
    Justin Lagat writes his column for RunBlogRun on a weekly basis, giving us A View from Kenya. In this column, Justin Lagat explains what truly motivates Kenyan runners to better themselves. Justin Lagat, photo from Justin Lagat It isn't the high altitudes alone that make Kenyans the best runners, by Justin Lagat There is an influx of tourists coming to Kenya usually from November to February. Most of them are sports tourists who are seeking to train with and like the Kenyans on the high altitudes of the Rift Valley regions, hoping that by the time they go back to their countries they…
  • Laura Roesler & Deon Lendore Honored with 2014 Bowerman Trophies, release from USTFCCCA

    Larry Eder
    20 Dec 2014 | 6:14 am
    Deon Landore & Laura Roesler, 2014 Bowerman Athletes of the Year(Editor's note: This was my first Bowerman Awards, and it will not be my last.  I can not recall a finer awards ceremony. The level of production was fantastic, and the interviews of the six candidates just proved once again, how amazing track & field athletes are, in both their sports and academic lives. Sam Seames has created an award series that truly elevates the sport of track & field and gives collegiate track athletes awards worthy of their sacrifice. An amazing night of track & field, ending four…
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    Runnergirl Training

  • Water Enhancers

    runnergirl training
    10 Dec 2014 | 8:27 pm
    Water enhancers may not be as healthy as you think. Learn more here!
  • Product Review - Gaiam Metro Bag

    runnergirl training
    4 Dec 2014 | 7:39 pm
    written by runnergirl trainingThis product review is based on my personal thoughts regarding my purchase of the Gaiam Metro bag. This bag is the perfect size for your gym goings! The exterior has 2 slot pockets which hold a generous amount of stuff (headphone, snack bars, sunglasses, gym card). The interior is roomy enough to hold shoes, clothes & travel size personal care items. On the underneath of the bag there is a bungee strap to hold a yoga mat.So cute & versatile! I highly recommend this gym bag!
  • Product Review - Lululemon Run With Me Toque

    runnergirl training
    4 Dec 2014 | 7:34 pm
    written by runnergirl trainingThis product review is based on my personal thoughts regarding my purchase of the Lululemon women's Run With Me Toque.This hat is super cute, lightweight & warm! It is reversible & reflective. I really like the way it covers my ears all the way. I dislike hats that barely cover my ears & jump around when I'm running. This hat is amazing! You won't be disappointed!
  • How Much Sugar In Your Drink

    runnergirl training
    4 Dec 2014 | 7:24 pm
    This informative graphic will be an eye opener for the amount of sugar in your favorite drinks!
  • Product Review - Lululemon Run With Me Neck Warmer

    runnergirl training
    4 Dec 2014 | 7:16 pm
    written  by runnergirl trainingThis product review is based on my personal thoughts regarding my purchase of the Lululemon women's Run With Me Neck Warmer Neck Warmer.This is my first time wearing a neck warmer or athletic type scarf item. I always imagined it would get in the way. But I'm truly impressed with Lululemon's neck warmer! It has a draw cord to help cinch it in place so it doesn't bounce around. I was also pleasantly surprised at how it kept my body heat in but wasn't too hot.It's lightweight yet really effective! I also like that it's reflective!
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    Trail Running Blog

  • Runner (and Non-Runner) Holiday Gift Guide

    13 Dec 2014 | 10:40 pm
    This has been an interesting time to be a running blogger. I have been getting a lot of holiday gift guide requests from relevant and completely random companies. I’ve definitely found some products more useful than others, but it was still fun to try new things that I’ve never heard of or would have using unless I was actually sent them. Hopefully some of these last minute gift ideas will be useful. Running Gear Plantronics BackBeat FIT             BackBeat FIT, wireless fitness-focused earbuds are ready for any workout fan, and the gift giver can be happy…
  • Common Hip Injuries Athletes Experience

    12 Dec 2014 | 10:51 pm
    While hours upon hours of practice are necessary for athletes to excel at their sport, overdoing it often causes athletes to experience hip pain that results in constant discomfort and sometimes prohibits them from playing. To ensure that this pain does not turn into a chronic issue, athletes should pay attention to any problems they experience with their hip and identify the cause of their pain. Sports Medicine-Related Hip Injuries There are many different types of sports medicine-related hip injuries that athletes suffer from. However, some of the most common problems include hip pointer…
  • Why Strong Bones Matter To You

    5 Dec 2014 | 12:39 pm
    In order to have a more enjoyable and active lifestyle, you need strong bones. Sometimes, it seems difficult to get as much calcium as you need in your diet. In some cases, you might not be able to tolerate dairy products. Using a calcium supplement like can help keep your bones strong. Here’s why strong bones are important. Smaller Chance of A Break Weak and brittle bones are more easily broken or fractured. Breaking a bone can cause you significant pain and discomfort. In some cases, a broken bone can limit your activities while they heal and incur large medical bills.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Race Report

    23 Nov 2014 | 10:36 pm
    The Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon is probably one of biggest races of the year, definitely on one of the most famous stages that you can imagine (running down the Las Vegas Strip at night!). I forget the exact number, but this race has taken place in Las Vegas for a few years now and I’ve always wanted to run it since I heard about it. I had a friend run this race the first year they had it in Vegas and heard about a lot of issues for the inaugural race. Fortunately, the Rock ‘n’ Roll team learned from those mistakes and have improved in…
  • FRS Two-10 Discovery Challenge Review

    21 Nov 2014 | 8:07 am
    I still remember the first time I tried FRS, it was in early 2010 after I PRed in my half marathon and had run a near perfect race in Carlsbad. FRS was handing out samples of this energy drink at the vendor booths. I was able to try quite a few flavors and really liked each one. Unfortunately, I was never really able to find them sold in stores so haven’t had it much since then. So when I heard about this campaign, I was more than happy to participate in the Two-10 Discovery Challenge. So what is the FRS Two-10 Discovery Challenge? For only $19.99, FRS will send 20 servings of FRS…
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    Team Cross Runs

  • Recap: Turkey Day 5k

    30 Nov 2014 | 10:40 am
    First I’d like to say that the idea of running a “turkey trot” with thousands of people wasn’t my first choice when I asked my sister if she wanted to run a 5k on Thanksgiving morning. I really wanted to do the trail race in St. Paul, but since we would be pushing the kids in the stroller that wasn’t even an option. So I looked at the lower key race around one of the lakes that had a nice kiddo race too.  Buried deep in the fine print it said, “no strollers”.  Fortunately, I saw it just before we registered!  So we signed up for the Lifetime…
  • Running with Skis

    23 Nov 2014 | 7:39 pm
    Well, I didn’t run with skis on, that’d be ridiculous.  But I did try running while pulling the kids behind me in our Chariot with the ski attachment.  I’ve been trying to think of ways that I still be able to work out this winter some outside with the kids. So I thought, why not try pulling the Chariot Ski while running trails.  Iposted awhile back in the TC Trail Runners Group on Facebook (the group isn’t super active, but has provided some feedback about other things) and didn’t get a response. This weekend it was going to be warm enough for me to feel…
  • Winter Arrived…

    16 Nov 2014 | 7:07 pm
    Winter came a little bit early this year and it came with a fury. I think most of us in the Twin Cities were glad that the storm track moved and we missed the 14″ of snow that some had predicted!  Nevertheless, I went for a run with my visiting sister during the snow storm this past Tuesday morning!   #running in the first snow storm of the season with @megthemalex she wasn’t excited about the white stuff and temps! A photo posted by @crossn81 on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:53am PST She wasn’t really prepared for such nasty weather so I had to loan her a few things. I actually…
  • October into November

    9 Nov 2014 | 11:42 am
    October seemed to have flown by.  We were fortunate for a little mid-month break.  My in-laws came up for fall break and we were able to get away for a few days to the Florida Keys without any kids! It was marvelous and a much needed break from real life! We stayed at a great hotel, Southernmost Hotel of the USA, and had a great adventure on the water with Fury!  We snorkeled, jet-skiied, para-sailed, and climbed on huge inflatables! It was a grand time! October’s Challenge was to do 10 pushups and situps each day. I’m proud to report that this occurred 29/31 times. The two…
  • Solcana’s Athlete of the Month

    4 Nov 2014 | 7:07 pm
    I was named Solcana’s Athlete of the Month in this month’s newsletter. Here is the blurb: Athlete Of the Month: Nick Cross Coach Morgen says: “Shout-out to Athlete of the Month Nick Cross! Nick is a solid pillar of our 5:30am class (aka CrossFit Dad). Nick is a distance runner, social worker, husband, and parent of two little kids. He shows up to class consistently, listens, and asks questions. He knows that being strong and moving well will be beneficial to his sport outside the gym. He works hard and has developed his squat and other foundation movements considerably since…
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    japan running news

  • Osaka Kunei Girls Win First-Ever National High School Ekiden Championships

    Brett Larner
    20 Dec 2014 | 10:55 pm
    by Brett Larner video highlights courtesy of race broadcaster NHK A back-and-forth race between four of the top five ranked schools in the country saw Osaka Kunei Joshi Gakuin H.S. emerge to take its first national title Dec. 21 at the 26th National High School Girls Ekiden Championships in Kyoto, covering the five-stage, 21.0975 km course in 1:07:26. Defending champion Toyokawa H.S. was
  • Sera Runs All-Time #4 2:02:39 for National High School Boys Ekiden Title

    Brett Larner
    20 Dec 2014 | 10:43 pm
    by Brett Larner video highlights courtesy of race broadcaster NHK Hiroshima's Sera H.S. delivered on the promise of its #1 ranking at the 65th National High School Boys Ekiden Championships, running away on the third of the 42.195 km race's seven stages and never looking back.  Sera got off to a slightly shaky start as its top Japanese runner Shiki Shinsako finished only 6th on the First Stage
  • Kawauchi Wins Hofu in 2:09:46, Yoshimatsu Breaks Own Women's CR by 2 Seconds

    Brett Larner
    20 Dec 2014 | 10:21 pm
    by Brett Larner With strong winds and erratic pacing in the early going a shot at the Hofu Yomiuri Marathon's 2:08:16 course record and his goal of a 2:07 was never in the works, but in his 13th marathon of 2014 Yuki Kawauchi (Saitama Pref. Gov't) scored the win in 2:09:46. Kawauchi followed Kenyan pacer Charles Wanjohi through 5 km splits that varied from 15:07 to 15:34, well off the target
  • National High School Ekiden Championships Preview: Toyokawa Girls Look to Repeat, Sera Boys Set to Dominate

    Brett Larner
    18 Dec 2014 | 7:00 pm
    by Brett Larner While most of the rest of the racing world kicks back for the holidays in the lull between seasons, Japan's distance runners from junior high to pro are hitting the peak of their year with the month-long championship ekiden season.  The biggest race of the weekend is the National High School Ekiden Championships, lovingly broadcast live nationwide and commercial-free for 4 and 1/
  • Ritsumeikan Uji Girls Confident of Ride to Top at National High School Ekiden Championships

    Brett Larner
    16 Dec 2014 | 7:53 pm translated by Brett Larner Broadcast live nationwide and commercial-free on NHK, the 65th National High School Boys Ekiden Championships and 26th National High School Girls Ekiden Championships take place this Sunday, Dec. 21 in Kyoto with the boys running a seven-stage, 42.195 km course and the girls a five-stage, 21.0975 km course, both
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    Jill Will Run

  • 5 Ways to Illuminate Yourself on a Dark Run

    17 Dec 2014 | 10:00 am
    This post (5 Ways to Illuminate Yourself on a Dark Run) was published on Jill Will Run by Jill I do much of my running in the dark. When you have to run, shower, get a toddler ready for school and be ready for work by 7AM, that’s the way it goes. But I really don’t want to be hidden from cars driving around. I know that a lot of drivers may not see runners on the side of the road, especially in the dark and at 5 in the morning when they may be bleary-eyed already. I’m just doing my part to help them out, as well as helping my own peace of mind. Here are some ways to improve…
  • Be Your Own Health Advocate

    15 Dec 2014 | 10:00 am
    This post (Be Your Own Health Advocate) was published on Jill Will Run by Jill I was asked if I would like to contribute a health tip to an infographic being created. Basically the concept is about how you need to be an advocate for your own health. Sadly, it seems like doctors don’t have time to treat patients as individuals a lot of the time now, we’re just a number in and out of the office. So we need to watch out for ourselves, but we also need to be prepared to help our doctors help us. So the tip that I provided was about organizing your health data. I know I can do better…
  • GU Brew Reformulated

    11 Dec 2014 | 3:00 pm
    This post (GU Brew Reformulated) was published on Jill Will Run by Jill Earlier this fall, GU reformulated their GU Brew to put the focus first and foremost on the athletes hydration and electrolytes. This means it has fewer calories and carbohydrates and an even lighter taste profile than the previously light taste. Now the flavor is “ultralight”! The new flavors are: Lemon Lime Orange Lemon Tea (caffeinated, 20mg) Blueberry Pomegranate (double sodium) Watermelon Tastefully Nude The new formulation has 70 calories and 19 grams of carbohydrates per serving, with 250mg of sodium…
  • Uncommon Gift Ideas

    9 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    This post (Uncommon Gift Ideas) was published on Jill Will Run by Jill How are you in the holiday gift giving arena? I must be honest… I’m TERRIBLE at it. The holidays always seem to sneak up on me, even though Santa Claus paraphernalia starts to show up in the stores around Labor Day. I think, “I’m going to give everyone very thoughtful gifts next year. Perhaps something handmade!” Then I realize that I have no flex time to make gifts, I haven’t taken note of anything in particular that would apply to every individual I have on my list and before you…
  • Essential Oils Everywhere

    6 Dec 2014 | 10:00 am
    This post (Essential Oils Everywhere) was published on Jill Will Run by Jill Essential oils are everywhere these days, I find them kind of interesting I bought my first essential oils years back when I first bought a steam cleaner for my hard floors. I had heard that if you put a couple of drops in the water reservoir, it helps your house smell nice. And I’ve known about the relaxation-lavender link for a long time. But I didn’t know about all the supposed “powers” they held until lately. Image via MorgueFile I think all of the “magical” blends that are…
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    The Happy Runner

  • Back to zero.

    The Happy Runner
    10 Dec 2014 | 5:44 am
    My running had been going so well and then -- justlikethat -- it all went downhill.The day before Thanksgiving, we drove to Long Island. We got caught in the bad snowstorm that hit upstate NY that week and our usually 3 hour drive became 4.5 hours. During the stressful ride, I felt my right hamstring tighten up. For the last hour or so of the trip, it was hurting in that dull, achey, tight way that I really, really should have listened to.The next day, I went out for a run with my young niece who was also in town, up from Virginia. A little over 3 miles into our run, I had to stop. I felt…
  • 25!

    The Happy Runner
    17 Nov 2014 | 5:30 am
    Well, after a good long post-marathon break, I'm slowly getting my mileage back up to where I'd like it to be. Not because I'm training for anything. Just because I feel better when I'm running a certain amount each week.Last week, I hit it. I ran 25 miles. Oh, how wonderful it was.Sure, I started the week running in shorts and ended running in winter tights (and gloves, ear-warming headband, heavy running jacket . . . ) but, hey. Weather is weather and you can't control it. All I can control is how I respond to it.And I responded by enjoying it all. Every mile of the 25!I'm back. Running and…
  • The truth.

    The Happy Runner
    3 Nov 2014 | 8:00 am
    I have been trying to write up a race report for the Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon that I ran three (!!!) weeks ago.I just haven't been able to do it. I've started. I've stopped. I've gone on and on about this and that and I haven't been able to publish anything.Why? Because it hasn't been real. It has been "my race report with a positive spin on it" and that just hasn't been cutting it this time.You see, I'm disappointed. I was disappointed and, quite honestly, I still am.I wanted to run under 3:55 and qualify for Boston. I wanted it so bad. I believed I could do it. And for about 21 miles I…
  • Marathon goals.

    The Happy Runner
    9 Oct 2014 | 6:55 pm
    My third marathon is this Sunday. Sunday! That's right around the corner.I've trained well for this race, which is good because I have some goals that I would really like to achieve. But I also had that hip injury flare up on me at the end of my training and, I have to admit, that is getting in my head a little bit.I am doing my best to shake any doubts out of my head. I ran 4 miles yesterday at an easy pace and  when I looked at my watch after the run I was happy to see my pace was well under my goal pace.And what is my marathon goal pace, anyway? Well friends, it is a pace that would…
  • September recap.

    The Happy Runner
    5 Oct 2014 | 5:16 pm
    September was quite the month with some really solid runs and then, well, then it petered out.Overall, the month was a win. But I had to scrap a planned 14-miler at the end of the month and take three full days off of running because my wonky hip decided to flare up.Grrrr . . . So, the month ended a bit down, but not completely. After the rest and loading up with my favorite Deep Blue Rub, I bounced right back. I started October with two joyful runs! Pain free!!Phew.The month in numbers:Running (miles): 123.1Races: 0Cross-training: some rehab on the hip and a realization that I have not…
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  • Race route recon!

    16 Dec 2014 | 4:06 pm
    This past weekend my plan called for a 50k. As there were no races on any calendar I could find I decided to run the Sean O’Brien 50k course in advance of the race in February. The course runs along an out and back section of the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains. I have run much of it before but never strung together in this order. Becca was planning for a 16 miles so we came up a plan for her to run with me for the first 8 miles and then turnaround and head back to the car, we had left my car around M14 and I would use that for SAG. As we started late we skipped the first…
  • November Summary

    2 Dec 2014 | 12:52 pm
    So it went like this! Race on Sunday in Week 14..then less road more trail and teeny tiny bit of bike! Addressing the trails again More of the same in December and a push to round up mileage, within sensible proportions, for the end of the year! Onwards…
  • S0B50K Week 4

    30 Nov 2014 | 11:09 am
    This was always going to be a big week. The way my schedule fits into the calendar means that there are some weeks where there are six runs and this was one them. Monday. Off, a quick 30 minutes on the Bike…shut the front door! Tuesday. Off, another 30 minutes on the Bike, this time riding along with Zwift which I am beta testing! So far so good! We Ride a Latte. from Zwift on Vimeo. Wednesday. 7 miles on the local roads and trails, another good kick in the pants! Hills. trails, Stuart!!! Thursday. 5 miles. Treadmill. 2 mile warm up, 1 mile hill climb at 15%/3.2mph 2 mile cool down Friday.
  • Review; i Am – Not Your Average Shirt!

    29 Nov 2014 | 4:33 pm
    I was approached a couple of months ago by “I Am shirts”, and with most things I am running behind on writing up a review. I was offered a free shirt and having looked through their website I choose the High Mileage one, ‘cos you know I am! The shirt arrived and I have been able to wear, wash rinse repeat for the last few months now. My verdict…pure awesome. In terms of fit they have really nailed it! Broad enough across my shoulders to avoid that seam pull from your armpit, they are fitted so you avoid that baggy shape that you end up with when you size up and they are plenty long…
  • Ironman Arizona; a guide to Sherpaing and Spectating

    26 Nov 2014 | 2:09 pm
    This is the second time I have chased Becca round an Ironman race, the first time was in St George in 2012. That year was a very different race to this year, you can read her reports for St George here and for Arizona here. I decided that I would list some thoughts that anyone sherpaing and/or spectating in the future might find useful. Overall Race day is all about the athlete. They have trained 6+ months for this probably longer if they have had a build up year, this day is really their reward. Don’t spoil it by being pissy about anything, just indulge them.  That being said remember…
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    Run Eat Repeat

  • I Can’t Stop Eating Cereal. And M&Ms–not together. Yet.

    21 Dec 2014 | 12:08 pm
    Hello! Happy weekend time! How’s it going? I didn’t get much Christmas shopping done yet this weekend – but I did manage to get myself some Chocolate Chex from the 99 so I have that going for me… …and now it’s gone. Also, I need your thoughts – do small bananas count as 1/2 of one? Because I’ve been eating two at a time. Saturday morning I got up and out to get in some good miles. I was running along enjoying my head movies and saw a Mile Marker sign. “Whaaat?! Is there a race I should be doing right this second?!” – me Luckily a group of friendly Santa from the city of…
  • Friday Favorites–Watermelon Time

    19 Dec 2014 | 6:27 am
    Hello! How’s it going? Are you ready for the weekend? I’m having a challenging week with some personal stuff and am trying not to find answers in the kitchen. I’ve definitely distracted myself with food, but no one came out and stopped me – so it’s kinda your fault (or at least I’m going to tell myself that). That reminds me that I have to watch some Christmas movies this weekend!! FAVORITES from the Week 1. Thank you to everyone who sent me this watermelon time guy. He’s my favorite person of the week: 2. Favorite Comments of the week: This was via my Facebook page and I have…
  • Can Cats Eat Sriracha?

    18 Dec 2014 | 10:38 am
    Confession Thursday! It’s that time again… where I spill my guys on the internet and one of you calls CPS on me for being a bad cat mom (Cat Protection Services). Confession… I am either healthy as Fck or eat 4 donuts as a ‘snack’. There is no such thing as moderation in my life. Vegas wanted to lick my plate after it was doused in Sriracha and I didn’t stop him. “Let him learn.” – things Mexican mothers say. He wasn’t hacking in that second picture I just caught him licking his furry lil lips. He liked it! #MexiCat Proof he still loves me: Confession… I have done NO…
  • Tom Tom GPS Watch Giveaway

    17 Dec 2014 | 3:14 pm
    Hello! I have the best GPS watch giveaway for you today. I’m super excited because: A.) I’ve been using this Tom Tom Cardio watch since November and LOVE it. 2.) I don’t think I’ve ever given away a running watch on RER – that’s crazy considering I’ve given away everything else (including my dignity and self respect). C.) It’s going to help me achieve my running goals for 2015! #boom (A rep from Tom Tom sent me this watch when I was in Florida so it was still on east coast time when I took these pictures.) What is awesome about the Tom Tom Cardio Watch: 1. It’s a GPS watch…
  • How to Run Hills

    17 Dec 2014 | 6:40 am
    I got a great reminder on how to run hills the other day and wanted to share. Running Hills – it’s great for training, burning major calories and challenging your muscles. But it also kinda sucks, right? Yes, yes. Gravity is trying to keep ya on the bottom of that hill (or is that just how I feel?). But some great running technique will help make it easier. Tips to Running Hills: 1. Stay light on your feet. Don’t do a full foot plod up the incline – stay light on your forefoot and make light, quick steps. I saw this “Just a little heel” reminder on the path I run – great tip!
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    IronBrandon Show

  • Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2014-12-18 01:15:25 (Brandon Wood)
    17 Dec 2014 | 5:22 pm
    Healing run #2 and run #1 in the new @Saucony #Zealot ISO. Good stuff on both accounts! #running #runningshoes #gearist #christmaslights #stravaproveit #lululemon #fitness #workout #runchat If you... IronBrandon is dedicated to triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and the people who get out and do it...
  • Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2014-12-16 00:28:49 (Brandon Wood)
    15 Dec 2014 | 4:51 pm
    Ironman Chattanooga left me with a busted up popliteal. Now it’s time to get strong. #htfu #running #triathlon #onerunatatime #imchoo #gearist #fitness #workout If you liked this... IronBrandon is dedicated to triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and the people who get out and do it...
  • Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2014-12-07 22:52:26 (Brandon Wood)
    7 Dec 2014 | 3:22 pm
    Windy but otherwise amazing day for a ride in Boulder! #cycling #fitness #htfu #colorado #gearist If you liked this post...Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2014-10-25 20:57:39Instagram... IronBrandon is dedicated to triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and the people who get out and do it...
  • Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2014-12-07 19:14:23 (Brandon Wood)
    7 Dec 2014 | 11:21 am
    The baby girl getting down with some serious swingset action. #kids #family #love #cute If you liked this post...Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2014-11-27 16:57:50Instagram #picoftheday... IronBrandon is dedicated to triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and the people who get out and do it...
  • Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2014-12-05 21:46:25 (Brandon Wood)
    5 Dec 2014 | 1:51 pm
    Lets see if I can remember how this two-wheeled contraption works! #cycling #bikelove #specialized #gearist If you liked this post...Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2014-10-25... IronBrandon is dedicated to triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and the people who get out and do it...
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    Midwest Multisport Life - Finding Adventure in My Backyard

  • Active Folks' Gift Guide 2014

    18 Dec 2014 | 5:01 am
    Got active folks in your life? Here are four products I used and abused this year that I can wholeheartedly recommend. If I didn't already own them, I would be more than happy unwrapping them come present-opening time.As one of The North Face Wisconsin Dirty Dozen, I worked on sharing news about the Endurance Challenge - as a thank you, they sent me a gift card, which was very cool and a total surprise since I had already gotten some cool TNF swag. I knew exactly what I wanted - a full zip hoodie. And, guess what, TNF makes one that fir my needs exactly! The Quantum Full Zip Hoodie has a snug…
  • Planning for Adventure

    17 Dec 2014 | 4:51 am
    While there's nothing actually as good as having an adventure (big or small), I think I enjoy planning for it almost as much sometimes. I'm a list guy (...making a list, checking it twice...), so it's a great feeling (and reassuring) to check off items as I pack.This weekend, I'm headed for the Ice Age Trail for some segment hiking and winter camping. Since I'm car camping, I'm bringing along some gear to test out, along with the basics I need for solo hiking. While there may or not be snow on the ground, it's going to be cold, so I'll have a chance to test out our Mr Heater, which should…
  • Camping and Hiking with Chums

    16 Dec 2014 | 4:53 am
    One of the cool things about doing things I love, like hiking and camping, is that I occasionally get turned on to a company that had never crossed my radar before. This was the case recently with Chums, a company I knew about but always associated with eyeglass cords and such, but turns out they also sell sun protection, along with a plethora of outdoor accessories. Outside PR sent me a couple of their products to check out, which I happily did.The Gizmo Case (green case in photo) is a larger sized padded accessory case constructed with what feels like bulletproof nylon, and is actually…
  • My Year of Running (or not) 2014

    11 Dec 2014 | 4:58 am
    When Amanda announced her annual link-up for each person's Year of Running, I didn't plan on participating. This was a year that didn't start well, continued in the same negative vein, and ends only slightly better, in terms of running.184 miles. That's my total for 2014 in terms of running miles. On a purely physical level, that's downright pitiful. Injuries, apathy, and so many other factors conspired to keep me off the roads and trails this year. And you know what? It wasn't that bad. I started running in high school 30 years ago, and have continued on and off since then. I've run road…
  • Shopping For Skis - Making Sense of Ski Lingo

    10 Dec 2014 | 4:54 am
    Ski season is almost upon us and, since I'll be part of the local Ski Patrol this winter, I'm of course thinking about buying new skis. If you're a triathlete, you might think you have it difficult with all the options just for the bike (never mind swimming and running), but you've never had as much confusion as when looking at possible skis. Since I'm not planning on a quiver of skis (a collection of skis, each made for varying conditions), I'm in the hunt for a good one-quiver, or all-mountain, ski. Here's where the problem comes in. Skis aren't simple, you have to think about shape,…
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    Women's Endurance Gear - Family, Fitness and Food

  • Tips for Winter Camping with Kids

    9 Dec 2014 | 7:23 am
    For Thanksgiving we headed south to the Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest to camp and hike.  This was our first experience winter camping with the kids.  With snow on the ground and temps below freezing, we bundled up and hunkered down for the night.  Here are some tips for making winter camping more pleasant:Winter camping with the kidsHave the right gear.  A 4 season tent and sleeping bags rated for less than 30 are key for keeping everyone warm at night. Sleep with hats, gloves and socks.Let kids put on comfy (clean) clothes to sleep in.  Unless the…
  • Midweek Motivation - Endurance

    3 Dec 2014 | 6:32 am
    Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures      that the final victory comes."                --The BuddhaLike Women's Endurance Gear on Facebook
  • Camping and Hiking at the Garden of the Gods

    2 Dec 2014 | 3:45 am
    Camping and hiking at the Garden of the GodsLast week we headed south to Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest.  With it being about 6 hours away, we left after breakfast and arrived with plenty of time to set up camp and take a short hike on the Observation Trail.  A perfect intro to the beautiful sandstone rock formations, the Observation Trail is a 1/4-mile interpretive flagstone loop with panoramic views of the surrounding Garden of the God Wilderness.Garden of the Gods Observation Trail, Shawnee National ForestAfter eating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, we all bundled…
  • Tuesday Training - Winter Layering Guide

    18 Nov 2014 | 7:30 am
    We have quickly gone from moderate fall weather to blustery cold.  Here's a great guide to help dress appropriately for the weather to keep you running throughout the winter...The Runner's Soul Winter Layering GuideWhat's your must-have winter running item?Like Women's Endurance Gear on Facebook
  • Midweek Motivation

    12 Nov 2014 | 2:06 am
    Think happyFrom ZOOMA FBLike Women's Endurance Gear on Facebook
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    Miss Zippy

  • Running clothes–we’ve come a long way, baby!

    18 Dec 2014 | 9:52 pm
    The bin runneth over: old, boxy Nike shirt to today’s fitted, stylish Eddie Bauer shirt Every year around the holidays, I get the urge to purge. Maybe because I know more stuff is coming in soon? End of year? Who knows, but yesterday, I attacked my ridiculous, overflowing bin of long-sleeved running shirts. I was going to count how many I had, but the excess of it all would have depressed me. Where did they all come from? Races, mostly. Reviews. A few purchases here and there. Going through them served as a bit of trip down memory lane. With some of the oldest shirts in the bin, I…
  • Staying the course isn’t always easy

    16 Dec 2014 | 9:01 pm
    Sometimes the course is anything but straight I’m happy to say that running has gone really well lately. My hip issues seem to be a thing of the past (of course I’m still paranoid) and I am back up to my normal mileage. I did a 16 for my long run last week, will do another this coming Saturday, and then will spend two weeks at the 18 level before moving on. All this in preparation for the Napa Valley Marathon March 1. All along, my plan has been to stick it out with MAF until the race. That’s still the plan, but this past weekend, I felt my resolve waver. You know why? I…
  • Give a Goal (and win a TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch)

    14 Dec 2014 | 8:51 pm
    My new TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch It’s inevitable, right? We’re just winding down 2014 and reflecting back on it. But inevitably, our thoughts begin to wander to our goals for 2015, especially when it comes to running. Partly because we sometimes need to sign up for races eons in advance, and partly because it’s human nature to look forward in anticipation of what’s to come. Like many of you, I’ve been putting thought into my 2015 and what my running goals might be. With an injury record like mine, this admittedly makes me squirm a bit. I am paranoid to put…
  • Five for Friday

    11 Dec 2014 | 9:47 pm
    How’s this for some swag? 1. Many of you have noticed and commented on my new design–I haven’t had a chance! It was time for some updating so I turned to Janice at Just Janice Designs for the work. We’re just about finished and I am really happy with the new look. 2. The holiday running is in full swing. Wed. night my friends came over for our annual holiday run and cookie exchange. Tomorrow we head up to Baltimore for the Celtic Solstice 5-miler. I’m more than loving this year’s swag–what do you think? 3. I seem to be back on track with marathon…
  • Even the elites rest (guest post)

    9 Dec 2014 | 9:07 pm
    I am so excited to have elite runner Tina Muir over here today. If you don’t know Tina, she’s a British import who is tearing it up stateside these days with her talented running. She’s sponsored by Saucony and her times are nothing short of impressive. At 26, she’s just getting started, too. What I like best about Tina, however, is her very balanced and honest approach to running. One big part of that is her respect for the need for rest. Read on to hear how she approaches the off season (because everyone should have an off season!):  Hello! Firstly, I wanted to say…
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    Strength Running

  • Do you hate running? Here are 6 ways to LOVE every minute of your run

    Jason Fitzgerald
    18 Dec 2014 | 7:00 am
    Do you think running is fun? Honestly, sometimes even I dread my daily run. It can feel like a chore – a hassle that takes away from time better spent working, with your family, or sleeping. And now that most of us are dealing with cold weather and the holiday season, running is even more of […]
  • Beyond Fitness: What it Really Means to be “Healthy”

    Jason Fitzgerald
    16 Dec 2014 | 7:00 am
    Running captured my heart in 1998 – and it still holds it firmly in its grasp more than 16 years later. As my running career matured, my thoughts on how to run faster, prevent overuse injuries, and truly enjoy running have changed as well. When I first joined my high school’s cross country team, I only […]
  • Curing IT Band Pain: 3 New Exercises to Treat Illiotibial Band Syndrome

    Jason Fitzgerald
    11 Dec 2014 | 7:00 am
    The worst injury I ever had was a severe case of illiotibial band syndrome (ITBS). For six months, I suffered from constant IT band pain and didn’t run a step. My fascination with this injury led me to develop the ITB Rehab Routine (the video has been viewed nearly 200,00 times!) and write several in-depth […]
  • The Ultimate Guide to Winter Running: How to Make Running in Cold Weather Actually Enjoyable

    Jason Fitzgerald
    8 Dec 2014 | 7:00 am
    The winter of 2007 was one of the worst running experiences of my life. Every weekday, my blaring alarm woke me at 5:00am sharp. After putting on 37 layers of running gear, I left the house for an average run of 12 miles (I was running about 85 miles per week at the time)… in […]
  • Women’s New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail Shoe Review: “Like a Slipper”

    Jason Fitzgerald
    4 Dec 2014 | 7:00 am
    As you know, I’ve published quite a few running shoe reviews over the years. But there’s a big limitation to my reviews: they’re written by me (a guy, in case you haven’t noticed) and they review men’s shoes. Obviously, this is somewhat necessary. But my reviews then take a biased look at only the men’s version of […]
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    No Meat Athlete

  • The Obvious Technique for Getting Faster That Most Runners Are Too Lazy to Complete (Matt Frazier and Ben Benulis)
    19 Dec 2014 | 8:02 am
    A few years ago I wrote post a while back about the power of tracking (anything!). Simple awareness of your behavior, even without a deliberate attempt to change, is often all you need in order to improve. Mind-blowing, really, and super-inspiring, especially at this time of year. Today’s post from Doug Hay (whom you probably know as co-host of No Meat Athlete Radio and blogger at Rock Creek Runner), expands on this incredibly powerful concept in the context of running. You say you’re serious about improving in 2015? Here’s where to start. – Runners are lazy. That…
  • 8 Stress-Free Ways to Start Healthier Habits Now (Matt Frazier and Ben Benulis)
    11 Dec 2014 | 9:48 am
    December is upon us, and while for most of us that means holidays and parties and more stress than is healthy, it’s also one of my favorite times of the year for thinking about change. Why? Because you don’t want to be another victim of the New Year’s syndrome, where on December 31 you realize you’re in roughly the same place you were a year ago. Then you resolve to change, and while it feels real in the moment, it’s forgotten by February. Instead, start now – in early December. So that you can reflect, get inspired, and make intelligent choices about the results you want to…
  • The No Meat Athlete Holiday Gift Guide to Stuff You Actually Need (and None of the Crap You Don’t) (Matt Frazier and Ben Benulis)
    28 Nov 2014 | 8:42 am
    Oh, it’s that special time of year. I know it’s not exactly fashionable to embrace the fact that Christmas comes earlier every year, but I’ll happily admit that I love it. I’m a nut for this season. I like getting and giving, drinking a few extra Christmas ales, listening to crappy holiday albums (Taylor Swift’s Christmas is E.P. is downright sick) and, of course, watching made-for-ABC-Family holiday movies — my favorite is Holiday in Handcuffs, with Desperately Seeking a Santa a recently discovered close runner-up. (Pro tip: you can identify a holiday…
  • Winning Thanksgiving Recipes from Our No Meat Athlete Reader Contest (Matt Frazier and Ben Benulis)
    24 Nov 2014 | 12:34 pm
    For new vegetarians and vegans, Thanksgiving can be terrifying. One of the most common questions you’ll hear — right up there with one about the big P — is “But what do you do for Thanksgiving?” I asked it, and I bet you did too. It’s not nearly as maddening as “Where do you get your protein?”, but having eaten this way for a few years now, the Thanksgiving question misses the point, for me. Warning: “We used to walk to school 5 miles in the snow barefoot, uphill both ways” old-man rant ahead. <rant> When did Thanksgiving…
  • Leo Babauta on Habits, Simplicity, Running & Diet (Plus the New Zen Habits Book!) (Matt Frazier and Ben Benulis)
    19 Nov 2014 | 7:59 am
    Today I’ve got new interview with author Leo Babauta, so the appropriate thing to do is to start by telling you all about his blog, Zen Habits. But that would be dumb, because you already know about Zen Habits. I’d like to think that’s because I’ve linked to it more often than to any other blog, and that I somehow manage to mention Leo in just about every podcast episode we make. But that’d be giving myself too much credit. In truth, the real reason is that so many No Meat Athlete readers have come from Zen Habits — a massively popular blog that’s twice been named by Time…
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    Rx Sorbo

  • Hiking Shoe Insoles & an Organic T-Shirt: A Match Made In Heaven

    17 Dec 2014 | 5:11 am
    Attention all hikers! Beginner hikers and experience hikers need to really consider wearing some of the best hiking shoe insoles and organic T-shirts. Thinking about taking that next hiking trip? Going into the wilderness and going into the nature’s beauty can be tons of fun. Planning the hiking trip is important, and making sure that you take the right things on that next hike is essential. One of the most important things to remember is to make sure that you take the right pair of shoes and have the best shoe insoles in your hiking shoes. Here are some tips, plus we have a new organic…
  • Show your pride, America! Shoe Insoles Made Here in the USA. (Oh, and help your feet, too)

    2 Dec 2014 | 3:51 am
    Isn’t it sad that everything seems to be made overseas these days? Although that seems to be so, there are a few quality consumer items that can still proudly be called ‘made-in-USA.’ We’re one of them: our shoe insoles are still made in the United States of America. If you are in need of comfort when walking long distance consider buying walking shoe insoles, or any shoe insoles, from a US company: a.k.a., Rx Sorbo. Sorbothane shoe insoles are great for long distance walking, hiking trips and being one with nature as well as walkathons held here in the USA. We at RxSorbo offers a…
  • RxSorbo High Heel Cushions - Show Your Feet Some Love

    1 Dec 2014 | 8:29 am
    RxSorbo is proud to announce a new line of women’s insoles designed specifically to provide exceptional cushioning in high heels. These metatarsal pads fit under the ball-of-foot region and make high heels wearable for longer with significantly less pain and fatigue. During the development phase the company passed out hundreds of samples and prototypes for women to test. RxSorbo would like to thank all of the women here in Alamance County who helped us test and refine these insoles. Their insights and advice have been incorporated into this product line and have helped us with additional…
  • Walking Shoe Inserts Discount and Coupon Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Announced by RxSorbo

    17 Oct 2014 | 7:19 am
    RxSorbo, a leading online retailer of top-rated shoe inserts, is proud to announce a 40% discount coupon offer to support breast cancer awareness.  October, of course, is breast cancer awareness month, and many breast cancer organizations use walkathons to raise both awareness and money to support research. The coupon can be used to purchase special, limited edition ‘pink’ walking insoles. “For anyone who has participated in a walkathon, foot pain is a real issue,” explained Rj Yozwiak, Manager of RxSorbo.  “Our 40% coupon offer extends to anyone in the breast cancer awareness…
  • RX Sorbo® Race For the Cure (Prize Winners)

    13 Sep 2011 | 8:12 am
    RX Sorbo® Congratulates The Raffle Winners from the Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio Race For The Cure on September 10th - 2011 Cleveland, OH - Rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the participants at the 18th Annual Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio Race for the Cure. Held September 10, 2011 at the Wolstein Center on the campus of Cleveland State University - over 20,000 women, men and children of all ages and athletic abilities were expected to participate. Many RX Sorbo/Sorbothane employees, friends and family members ran or walked in the event. Susan G. Komen For The Cure continues to be the…
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    The Run Commuter

  • Mobile App/Game Review – Ingress

    3 Dec 2014 | 5:49 am
    This is the first in what will hopefully be a regular series of reviews on mobile apps and games for running. They may be traditional apps (MapMyRun, Endomondo), or something completely different, like today’s review of Ingress, a Google game that takes place in real-time in the real world. If you have any ideas for apps you’d like to see reviewed by runners (or yourself!)*, email us at, or comment on this post. * we’re not going to review Angry Birds or Candy Crush and their playability/applicability to running (though we definitely…
  • 2014 International Survey of Run Commuters

    5 Nov 2014 | 10:16 am
    We’re pleased to release the findings of our first International Survey of Run Commuters! The survey results can be viewed here, and the raw data is available for public use here. Please acknowledge The Run Commuter if using for a publication/blog/paper/etc. If you would like to provide any feedback or have any questions, please email us at Here are some of the highlights of the survey: We received a total of 145 responses from 22 different countries. Run commuters are more likely to be: College educated Male Married White Nearly half of the respondents…
  • A New Starting Line

    Nick Pedneault
    17 Oct 2014 | 9:46 am
    I run commute to work. I like it very, very much. To some extent, it even defines me. I cannot think of a better way to start my day. To me, each one of my run commuting legs is a small adventure. Admittedly, once in a while, I bike to work. I like it, but not as much as run commuting. And biking in winter in Ottawa, Canada can be treacherous, to say the least. Call me a wimp, but in the middle of a snowstorm, I would rather be running than biking. Gatineau Park’s main entrance The Ottawa area, which is also known as Canada’s National Capital Region, includes an amazing…
  • The New Run Commuters – October 2014

    16 Oct 2014 | 6:07 am
    We’ve been a bit busy around here lately prepping for ultras, raising kids, and meeting the demands of our non-running day jobs (ugh), but we’re picking back up again and have a some great new stories and articles to share with you. To kick it off, we’re starting with an overdue edition of The New Run Commuters. In this month’s edition, we feature Seth Leon, a UCLA Statistician from Los Angeles, CA, and Lori Corpuz, a data analyst living in New York City. If you are interested in being featured in The New Run Commuters, please fill out the form at the…
  • 2014 International Survey of Run Commuters!

    2 Sep 2014 | 6:43 am
    THE POLL IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for the results. ———————————————– Ever want to know how many people are run commuters? How far they run? Which city or country has the most people who run to work? We’d like to know, too! Please help us learn more about the run commuting world by taking part in the first International Survey of Run Commuters! The survey will be open until September 30th, 2014 and we will publish the results on The Run…
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  • Ginger Runner Holiday Gift Guide

    Rachel Kiser
    28 Nov 2014 | 7:00 am
    @ethannewberry on Instagram You know those days where running is the last thing you want to do? Ethan Newberry, aka the Ginger Runner, is looking to change that. His blog,, is brimming with reasons why you  should get out, get active and most importantly, have fun doing it. His humorous running gear reviews break down the tech specs so you know what you’re working with when you lace up and head out the door. Check out his top 10 picks for the holiday season. Hoka Clifton Need to Know Weight: 7.7/6.6 oz. (Men’s/Women’s) Stack heights: 29/24 mm (Heel/Toe)…
  • Light Up the Night in Reflective Running Shoes

    Rachel Kiser
    29 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
    Running is our time to reflect—so make sure your shoes are paying their dues! These styles boast hi-vis fabrics and shiny detailing to give you one more layer of safety when you’re eating up miles before breakfast or taking a spin at dusk. Light up the night in one of these poppin’ bright picks. Brooks’ Nightlife Shoes This collection takes three Brooks styles and gives them a little extra pizzazz to really make you a stand-out. The Ravenna 5, Glycerin 12 and PureFlow 3 all boast an upper that works its hardest when the sun goes down (plus laces that are fully reflective).
  • 3 Nathan Performance Accessories You Need for Fall

    Rachel Kiser
    17 Sep 2014 | 7:00 am
    With fall races on the horizon, it’s crunch time. Your training runs are getting longer, your running shoes are getting down and dirty with the pavement or trail, and your confidence is soaring because you keep nailing your pacing (or at least you’re trying!). While it’s true that gear doesn’t make a runner, it’s hard to argue that having the right gear in your arsenal can make training for race day feel like bliss rather than blah. And these Nathan picks? They’ll help make those long miles feel like a walk (or easy run) in the park.  Nathan Lightspur…
  • Top Shoes from Summer Outdoor Retailer 2014

    Rachel Kiser
    12 Aug 2014 | 12:30 pm
    Phew! This summer’s Outdoor Retailer trade show was a whirlwind of a trip. We saw so many exciting new things for spring 2015 that we are already counting the days until we can add the new styles to our shoe rotation. Here are the top 10 we are most excited for (in no particular order). New Balance Fresh Foam Zante and Fresh Foam Boracay After last season’s debut of the New Balance Fresh Foam 980, the brand has evolved the data-driven technology to two new styles: the Fresh Foam Zante and the Fresh Foam Boracay. This also marks the first time New Balance has given its shoes…
  • We’re Headed to Outdoor Retailer!

    Rachel Kiser
    5 Aug 2014 | 2:00 pm
    Outdoor Retailer is a chance for run specialty brands to show us what new styles and technologies they’ve dreamed up for next season—and make us faint from happiness over everything we see. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we take on the show. We’ll get you the dish on spring 2015 styles so you know which pair to have your sights set on next.
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    RunnerDude's Blog

  • Burpees: A Love-Hate Relationship

    19 Dec 2014 | 4:45 pm
    One thing I can predict every time a client looks at his workout, is a low groan when he sees "Burpees" listed in the circuit. "Oh lawd, not BURPEES!"If you workout, more than likely you are familiar with a Burpee, especially if you do any form of circuit training and or do plyometric exercises. For those of you not familiar with a burpee, it's  a full-body explosive movement that usually contains the following 6 movements.Step 1: Squat down and place both hands on the floor (use dumbbells as hand grips if desired).Step 2: Jump both feel back fully extending both legs so that your body…
  • 2014 A Year to Celebrate at RunnerDude's Fitness

    18 Dec 2014 | 7:36 am
    2014 has been an awesome year for RunnerDude's Fitness. We've grown over the year with our biggest fall race training group ever (70+ runners)! Each and every runner is an amazing person with an amazing story to tell. This video tries to capture just a tad of their spirit which makes RunnerDude's Fitness what it is...a home for runners. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store. RunnerDude's Fitness Celebrates 2014 from Thad McLaurin on Vimeo.
  • Training Gear: To Each His Own

    11 Nov 2014 | 9:48 am
    I'm asked frequently, "What running shoes do you wear?" What running shorts do you wear?" "What sports drink do you use?" "What fuel do you use on the run?" "What do you eat before a long run?" "What do you eat after a long run?" I always preface my response with, "Well, what works for me is..."Running is a very specialized sport and that goes for the gear and fueling too. What works for one runner may or may not work for another. The trick is to read up on various options, talk to your running buddies and trainer, and then try things out for yourself. The training period for a marathon is…
  • Controlling the Holiday Bulge

    6 Nov 2014 | 7:23 am
    The holidays are a time to enjoy friends, family, and good food. Problem is many of us attend so many holiday functions that before you know it, you're entering the New Year with new pounds.  The Calorie Control Council has estimated that the average American could consume as much as 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. Just Thanksgiving Dinner alone could pack 3,242 calories for some.I know what you're thinking, "I wait all year to enjoy those homemade seasonal goodies." You don't have to do without. BUT, you do have to practice moderation and accountability. Eat your favorite foods, but…
  • Don't Believe Everything You Read

    4 Nov 2014 | 12:38 pm
    You know the old phrase, "I read it, so it must be true." We all know that's usually not the case, particularly in the age of the Internet when anybody and everybody can print/say whatever they'd like with very little proof.I've been amazed at some of the exercise and nutrition headlines I've read lately. The information in these articles has been really good, solid info, but the headlines which are meant to grab your attention have been very misleading. The problem with sensationalized attention-grabbing headlines is that often (in our busy lives) readers don't get much past the headline.
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  • Runblogger’s Top Running Shoes of 2014

    Peter Larson
    18 Dec 2014 | 6:00 am
    Putting together a list of top running shoes can be a challenge. Each year I run in a lot of great shoes, but few are 100% perfect. Furthermore, a shoe that I didn’t like might be an ideal shoe for someone else, and a shoe that I loved might have been a bust for someone with a different stride, smaller/larger feet, etc. So what I do is simply pick the shoes that worked best for me among the many that I have tried during the year. This year I thought it might be helpful to put my list into context by explaining at the outset the general characteristics that work well for me in running shoes.
  • Most Disappointing Running Shoes of 2014

    Peter Larson
    17 Dec 2014 | 6:50 am
    As a shoe reviewer, I try to be as objective as possible when I write my reviews. If a shoe is great, I say so. If there are problems, I point them out. If a shoe is a total bust, I won’t hold back. As I work through the list of shoes I’ve run in this year in preparation for writing my Best of 2014 post, I thought it might be interesting as a counterpoint to put together a short list of shoes that disappointed me this year. The shoes included here are all shoes that I have run in, or at least purchased and returned after trying them on and finding them unacceptable (and I have written…
  • Top Road Running Shoes of 2014 – by David Henry

    David Henry
    16 Dec 2014 | 6:00 am
    I’m not as experienced with the road scene as I am with trail and ultra running (see my top 2014 trail shoes here), but I’m really enjoying the weekly track workouts I’ve been doing. Since training for the Spokane Marathon this last October, I’ve decided to keep incorporating a couple of road days in my training throughout the winter. Consequently, I’ve recently been doing some experimenting with road shoes. Although my comfort with some trail brands (inov-8 in particular) has influenced my road shoe choices at this point, my picks below are the shoes I’ve…
  • Top Trail and Mountain Running Shoes of 2014 – By David Henry

    David Henry
    15 Dec 2014 | 7:46 am
    Trail shoes are unfortunately viewed by many as road shoes with a little extra tread slapped on, and usually they run clunky compared to their road counterparts.  While this may be true of many models, and in some ways good trail shoes are similar to good road shoes, in other ways they differ quite a bit.  From my perspective I find that I want the following in a trail shoe compared to a road shoe: 1. More rubber coverage in the outsole and tread designs that are more specific to the terrain the shoe is designed for (which varies much more than what most road shoes will encounter). 2. A…
  • More 2015 Shoe Previews From

    Peter Larson
    11 Dec 2014 | 9:27 am
    Yesterday I posted a link to an article on Believe in the Run that featured photos of a bunch of new shoes to be released next year. I just finished reading through a similar post by Brian Metzler on, and there are a few shoes featured that were not shared on BITR. Among them is a trail shoe from Saucony (the Nomad TR pictured below) that is built on the Kinvara platform (unlike the Kinvara Trail, which was not really Kinvcara-like at all). Fans of big cushion and technical trails will also like the Hoka Speedgoat. Check out the full preview here. Saucony Nomad TR – Image…
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  • Natural healing: peppermint

    18 Dec 2014 | 11:31 pm
    At this time of year, there’s a good chance at least half are currently eating or drinking something with peppermint. Peppermint comes from a mixture of the spearmint and watermint and can be found in several varieties including fresh from your garden or produce section, as an edible oil capsule, as a dried tea, or as […]
  • Yoga for Runners: a new ebook by WalkJogRun

    18 Dec 2014 | 6:35 am
    We are extremely excited to announce our ebook “Yoga for Runners” is now available in the iBook store – just in time for the holidays! And at $9.99 (or the local equivalent) it makes a great last minute gift for a runner in your life … or yourself (because, after all, you deserve it!). ABOUT […]
  • A runner’s holiday table survival guide

    17 Dec 2014 | 11:29 pm
    If it hasn’t happened already, you’re likely in for some annoying dinner table conversations with friends and relatives this holiday season. The following are actual questions and comments I have fielded throughout the years. Here’s how – if I could go back in time – I would answer them. “I wish I could run marathons – I’d love […]
  • Running Weeks in Review: December 17, 2014

    17 Dec 2014 | 5:09 pm
    Here’s what’s been going on in the running world for the past two weeks. The decreasing loneliness of the Indian long-distance runner (via NPR): An interesting look into the growth of running in India, which has been increasing over the past decade. Much like in other parts of the world, running is credited with bringing […]
  • 6 ways to stay motivated when dealing with burnout

    16 Dec 2014 | 11:44 pm
    I stuck to my 16-week marathon training plan like glue, and stayed motivated and excited by training right through the end. But now that the marathons are behind me? I’m less motivated than ever before. I’m feeling apprehensive instead of enthusiastic about my upcoming races. There’s no doubt about it – I’m dealing with burnout. […]
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    Shut Up + Run

  • Friday Favorites a Day Late Because I’m Busy

    20 Dec 2014 | 3:00 pm
    1. Favorite Photo That Made Me Look Twice. 2. Favorite Find. Found this on today’s run. Proof that running pays off and looking down when you run pays off because you find money and avoid dog crap. 3. Favorite Soup I Want To Make This Week. Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup. 4. Favorite Lazy Moment. This is what I looked like last night at 4:30 p.m. Can you even call 4:30 p.m. “night”? Being in pajamas early is my most favorite thing and it seems to keep getting earlier. One of these days I will be eating lunch in my pajamas and dinner in bed while I drool and fall asleep. There was a day…
  • Breathe Better, Run Better?

    17 Dec 2014 | 1:47 pm
    Some people zone out when they run. While I have moments of zoning, my mind is usually going a thousand miles a minute with random thoughts: Stomach cramp. Please let this just be a benign cramp or a fart but not that other thing because I don’t think there is any place safe to do what I might need to do if it is that other thing When can I get a forced break (because I don’t want to cheat and take a voluntary break) such as a stoplight or tying my shoe or walking across black ice? This song always comes up on my iPod and I always skip it and why is it on my iPod anyway? Does that car see…
  • This Post Will Make You Hungry

    14 Dec 2014 | 4:17 pm
    What my weekend has involved… Taking care of a sick Spaniard (I just gave him some tapas with Nyquil on top): Letting Heidi learn how to drive because everyone needs a hairy designated driver: Wondering how my baby is not a baby anymore (she got her braces of this week! No more brace face around here): Ordering this god-awful sweatshirt for my son (no this is not a joke. This is on his Christmas list. I told him he is going to attract some bees and butterflies). Cookie baking on crack.  10 different kinds of cookies, my friends. {Can you tell which two of the above are related? I kind…
  • When Your Run Gets UGLY (and you have the picture to prove it)

    11 Dec 2014 | 1:59 pm
    I love a picture that sums up a race perfectly. I am not sure what is going on here, but I do know I felt like crap the entire 16,404 feet of this Colder Boulder 5K race last weekend. Some races are just like that. Some runs are just like that. Maybe it’s because a pony tail is shooting out of my ear. Or, better yet it’s because my shirt is riding up and I had gas pains (sorry woman behind me). I used to get really attached to all of my runs and races. If they sucked, then that meant I sucked as a runner. Now, I just see these experiences as part of being a long-term runner. There will be…
  • Eddie Bauer Performance Wear Review

    8 Dec 2014 | 8:39 am
    What do you think of when you think “Eddie Bauer?” Comfy slippers worn by a fire, fur-lined down vests and quality flannel shirts, right? Well, now you can think of Eddie Bauer when you dream about running because EB performance wear is here! Here are just a few of the many items offered (and the ones I tested): First up is the Hangfire Pro Hooded Jacket (MSRP: $129). Living in Colorado where mother nature can be an unpredictable bitch, I have a wide assortment of running clothes. One item that I lacked, however, was a running jacket that worked for very cold temps (under 20 degrees), but…
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    Runners Connect

  • How to Read and Interpret the Wear Pattern on Your Running Shoes

    Matt Phillips
    18 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    One of the best things about running is that you can do it anywhere. It does not require expensive equipment or fancy gym machinery to run. The only thing you may need to invest in is some running shoes. When we make the trip to a running store or look online at what shoes we want, one of the first things we tend to look at before purchasing a new pair is the wear pattern exhibited on the soles of the trainers we are replacing. Wear pattern can provide a glimpse of how we run but misinterpretation of these patterns may lead us down a road of inappropriate shoe selection and running form…
  • How Your Hip Joint Mobility Can Predict Your Running Injuries

    John Davis
    11 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the different sources of information telling you to take different approaches to get the most out of your running? We do! It can be difficult to sort through what is real, and what could do more harm than good. Everyone is always looking for the latest and greatest research to find “the secret” to running fast. Depending on your age, and your interest in the latest running news, you will notice that some of the same topics seem to come up over and over again. The importance of hips in staying healthy is one of those topics that seem to come up…
  • How is Your Stride Frequency the Same as Your Two Year Old?

    John Davis
    8 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    Do you remember when your parents celebrated the first time you ran across the room with flawless running form? Of course not, because it never happened! Running is such a joyful experience for children, so why would we remove that joy by weighing them down with thoughts and considerations about how to run for maximum efficiency. To a child, running is a form of play, and adults can learn a lot from children about finding joy in the simplicity of running. Today we are hoping to learn from children in a more practical way. Last time, we looked at some research on the very basic elements of…
  • What Biomechanical Error is Holding You Back?

    John Davis
    4 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    Believe it or not, you have been running almost as long as you have been walking. Unlike swimming or dribbling a basketball, nobody really needed to teach you how to run. To some extent, running (and walking) is pre-programmed into our nervous system from birth. Despite how naturally running comes to us, there is still a lot to learn about how to become a faster and more efficient runner by looking at some of the fundamental aspects of human gait. So, in this article, we’re going to look at these biomechanical aspects and help you determine which biomechanical error is holding you back.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Progressing Your Long Run

    Sarah Russell
    1 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    When you’re just starting out with running – when a 5km is an awesome achievement – it can be hard to comprehend how it’s possible to run a half marathon, marathon or even further. Believe me, everyone feels the same and it’s one of the most common topics of conversation at my beginner group. Each time you run further than you’ve ever gone before, it’s a step into the unknown, and that can be unnerving and scary. For that reason, many runners shy away from going longer, staying within their comfort zone. It might be safe, but you’re also holding yourself back, and missing…
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    Running With My Demons

  • 2014 The North Face 50 Mile Endurance Challenge

    17 Dec 2014 | 8:39 am
    On December 6, 2014 the most competitive 50 mile race on US soil took place in the muddy trails of Marin Headlands. Leading up to the event, we chronicle thoughts and training of 5 noteworthy athletes.From Boulder to Mammoth Lakes, follow athletes Sage Canaday (Hoka One One), Tim Tollefson (Nike Trail), Alex Varner (Nike Trail), Dylan Bowman (The North Face) and Timmy Olson (The North Face) in their quest to stake a spot atop the coveted podium.Directed & Produced by: Billy Yanghttp://billyyangfilms.comSage Canaday: @SageCanadayAlex Varner: @afvarnerDylan Bowman: @dylanboTim Tollefson:…
  • 'E:60' - Catching Kayla

    21 Nov 2014 | 10:19 am
    Tom Rinaldi tells the remarkable story of Kayla Montgomery -- who, despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, has become one of the best young distance runners in the country.
  • Western Time: A WS100 Documentary

    12 Nov 2014 | 12:33 pm
    Billy Yang's latest film production, Western Time, features Nike Trail athlete Sally McRae and her long journey to Auburn  On June 28, 2014 Nike Trail athlete Sally McRae ran the original and most prestigious 100 mile race, the Western States 100 for the very first time. This short film documents her story and her journey leading up to this event including qualifying at the Montrail Ultra Cup race, the inaugural Sean O'Brien 50 mile earlier in the year. Although recently garnering a sponsorship, Sally opens up about her personal struggles and self-doubt leading up to the race. Her…
  • 2014 Hambletonian Marathon Race Report

    23 Oct 2014 | 1:15 pm
    I pulled into the parking lot at 7:20 AM and quickly realized how unprepared I was for this marathon.The sun had just come up and the thermometer in my car said 52 degrees, the overcast-clouds were grey (with even darker bottoms) and the flags was blown straight out from their poles.I looked around the car and didn't see my "race bag".I had just realized that under my fleece I was only wearing a short sleeve shirt, the first pules of panic began to circulate through my chest. This could be a very long, cold day.My race bag, which for some reason I left at home is usually stuffed with couple…
  • 2014 Pfalz Point Trail Challenge Race Report

    23 Oct 2014 | 10:13 am
    Just a week after running the grueling 35 miles on the SRT, I was scheduled to run The Pfalz Point Trail Challenge. Again on The Shawungunk Ridge, but this one would be entirely within the Mohonk Preserve.After running the SRTRun/Hike just the week before I was  looking forward to getting back out on the trails. I had lived a week with "my demons" that I picked up on the SRT.I arrived at the Spring Farm Trail-head with ample time to check-in, use the bathrooms, double-check my gear/attire, lock the car, etc.As a photo drone hovered overhead, I mingled with some familiar faces from…
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    Mile Posts

  • 26 Strong: Honolulu Marathon Here I Come

    Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal
    11 Dec 2014 | 10:36 am
    Tried to wake up before the littles this morning, but Miles beat me. I swear the kid does not sleep during the winter. Mixed things up with an RKS Kettlebell workout. Jillian gets me sweating but I know if I want to see visible results I have to constantly keep my body guessing. Once the […]
  • #elfontheshelf

    Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal
    10 Dec 2014 | 5:06 am
    Good news, our elf has remembered to move this week. I for the life of me do not understand why people have such STRONG polar feelings about this little elf. My kids like it, so I do it, end of story. Ok maybe it’s not the end or the beginning of the story….I great up […]
  • Mile Posts, A Discount & Mom Duties

    Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal
    8 Dec 2014 | 12:28 pm
    I’m back home from a whirlwind weekend in San Antonio at the Rock n Roll Expo and Half Marathon. My heart is full, my legs are tired, and it is back to all things mommyhood. Our elf on the shelf did not move last night, I’m blaming that on my tired legs and the rush […]
  • Rock N Roll Vegas Race Weekend Recap

    Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal
    1 Dec 2014 | 4:56 am
    Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon 2014 did not disappoint. In fact, 2014 proved to be bigger and better than 2013 and 2012! This year was crazier schedule wise for me than the previous two years. This year I had the honor of being one of the guest speakers at the expo. I honestly have a […]
  • Start Now

    Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal
    24 Nov 2014 | 1:18 pm
    2015 is a little over a month away. I’ve found that goals for a new year are hard to stick with if I crash into them on January 1st. When I prep my mind and my body in December for what I want to accomplish personally, professionally, physically and mentally over the year, I’m more likely to […]
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    Runtastic Blog

  • Creative Christmas Cookies Recipes With Avocado, Chia Seeds & Peanuts

    Runtastic Team
    20 Dec 2014 | 1:00 am
    Crazy-Good Chocolate Chip Cookies You’ll need (makes approx. 30 cookies): 1 avocado, mashed 1 banana, mashed 1 egg 2 cup flour 1 cup white chocolate chips ¾ cup brown sugar ½ cup butter, softened 1 tsp grated lemon zest 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp vanilla seeds ¼ tsp salt Directions: Preheat oven to 175° C / 350° F. Whisk butter and sugar in a large bowl until frothy. Add banana, avocado, egg, lemon zest and vanilla seeds and keep stirring. Mix in the flour, baking powder and salt. Lastly, fold in the white chocolate chips with a wooden spoon. Place rounded teaspoonfuls of the dough 2…
  • Runtastic Me Is Now Available For Windows Phone

    Runtastic Team
    20 Dec 2014 | 1:00 am
    Yep, that’s right! You can now connect Orbit with your Windows Phone and check your stats in the Runtastic Me app. Runtastic Me complements and improves your tracking by retrieving interesting information from your Orbit: all data tracked by your Orbit is synced wirelessly with the Me app and Your benefits Do you take enough steps every day? Do you burn a healthy amount of calories? Become aware of the answers to these and further questions with Orbit and the Runtastic Me app. Learn more about yourself with Runtastic Me and analyze your daily movements and activity thanks to…
  • 12 Days of Fitness

    19 Dec 2014 | 1:00 am
    Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you have a great holiday. Here is a fit and funny Runtastic Fitness Channel rendition of the 12 days of Christmas song we all know and love. You can even sing it if you want. On the 1st day of fitness, my true love gave to me a smoothie full of protein On the 2nd day of fitness, my true love gave to me two sports balls (football and soccer ball) and a smoothie full of protein. On the 3rd day of fitness, my true love gave to me three tips for runners, two sports balls and a smoothie full of protein. On the 4th day of fitness, my true love gave to me four fitness…
  • Android Users: Do You Know Nutrition Facts from Nutrition Myths?

    Runtastic Team
    18 Dec 2014 | 1:00 am
    Do you think you’re clued in on nutrition? Can you separate the myths from the facts? Are you looking to become a little more informed? Well now our Android users can! The Nutrition Quiz app is now available on Android, as well as iOS. There’s always a fad diet that everyone who’s trying to lose weight starts following. It’s also not long before the next one has arrived and is hailed as the best way to lose weight. At Runtastic, we have qualified dieticians who know health and nutrition inside and out, giving us the facts, dispelling the myths and dissecting those fad diets. Despite…
  • The Future Of Fitness… Could Virtual Reality Change The Game?

    Runtastic Team
    16 Dec 2014 | 1:00 am
    Runtastic proudly presents the development of its popular strength and toning exercises for Oculus Rift, the revolutionary virtual reality headset. Runtastic for Oculus VR®: 7-Minute Workout & More The Runtastic team has been preparing a selection of the company’s most popular strength & toning workouts for Oculus Rift. Workouts include the 7-Minute Workout, and will later include additional butt and leg workouts, yoga routines and more. With the use of Oculus Rift, individuals can complete workouts from the comfort of their home, office or hotel room, while enjoying the sensation…
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    Angry Jogger

  • Belfast Telegraph Feature And New Edited Version Of Book.

    20 Dec 2014 | 12:23 pm
    The last few days have been surreal. I’ve been really bored the last few weeks as it’s been too late in the year to search for a contract and I’ve dedicated my time to promoting the book but there’s only so much you can do. Then on Friday morning I awoke to this article. I got the feature off the back of one email on Sunday morning. That was all. Same thing happened with the Huffington Post article.  I had an interview with BBC Northern Ireland radio too but it didn’t get used in the end. I did my best and that’s all I can do. I don’t have a face for…
  • Congratulations to Jo Pavey For Winning Sports Personality Of The Year By Default.

    14 Dec 2014 | 9:41 pm
    I’ve absolutely no idea who has the final say when it comes to determining what is considered a sport in the United Kingdom but the results from last night don’t make any sense to me. Here are the top 3 finishers in the competition 1) Lewis Hamilton – Formula 1 (the cars) 2) Rory McIlroy – Golf (gardening) 3) Jo Pavey – Athletics Let’s start with Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1. Cars largely drive themselves – so it’s not a sport. It’d be different if he was generating all the power for the vehicle by pedalling very quickly, but he…
  • My Running Book – An Overview Of ‘Angry Jogger’ And The Shit Inside It.

    14 Dec 2014 | 9:22 am
    First of all thanks to everyone who has bought the book. Today it crept into the Top 10 UK sporting bestsellers on Amazon’s Kindle store. I thought I’d take this opportunity to try to explain what the book is about for people who aren’t familiar with it. Who is the book targeted towards? The book is targeted towards beginning runners who maybe want to get fit but are tired of failing with crash diets and shit like that. It contain a lot of unnecessary swearing so it will probably offend a lot of people. If you’re an advanced marathoner then there isn’t really…
  • I’m Concentrating On Doing One Positive Thing Each Day And Today I Succeeded.

    10 Dec 2014 | 5:27 pm
    I’m on the countdown to returning back home for the Christmas period and I can still see glimpses of my old self from 2009 in me. I haven’t been going out often in London. I’m trying to save money as I want to be comfortable when I come back over in January. This means that I’m confined to the same street in Tottenham and it’s like 2009 all over again where I’d haunt the Stranmillis Road in either a drink or kebab sodden state. It’s not healthy for me. Last night I decided to order pizza for the first time ever in London. Since it’s 2 for…
  • Blog Review – Running Dan!

    8 Dec 2014 | 9:46 am
    Tonight we have another Indiegogo blog review. I’m sorry it’s taken so long Dan. I’m a bit of a shambles of a man. I only do what I can. Help. Running Dan is the blog of Dan Houghton a runner from England who like me struggled with the idea of calling himself that for quite some time.  He finally stopped calling himself a jogger after his first half marathon, 4 years ago. I still don’t really consider myself a runner unless I’m being chased by pit bulls along the River Lea Navigation so admire his self confidence. He does loads of parkruns and cross country…
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    Running in late 20s

  • Lessons learned from the first DNF

    5 Dec 2014 | 2:38 am
    Last October I tried to run the Cappadocia Ultra Trail and it turned out to be the first race that I didn't reach the finish line. There were a few reasons behind that and a few lessons to be learned.Give your body proper rest after a (or a couple of) big races. I ran the Eiger Ultra Trail E101 in July and the Swiss Irontrail T81 in August. Looking at my training diary there is a significant difference between the amount of training I had prior to the Eiger (April, May, June) and before the Cappadocia Ultra Trail (September, October). During summer I had a massive goal of getting…
  • Runner's World article on 2-hour marathon

    30 Nov 2014 | 12:09 am
    This is definitely worth reading. Runner's World article on the possibility of running a marathon under two hours. It says a lot about the course, temperature, age, height and the other important factors.That reminds me of  The Perfection Point by John Brenkus (Check out the Reading list page). He predicts that the fastest time anyone can ever run a marathon is just under two hours. 
  • Mauro Prosperi and his inspiring survival story at Marathon des Sables

    28 Nov 2014 | 9:53 am
    Just read the story of  Mauro Prosperi who got lost during the Marathon des Sables in 1994 and survived after 10 days. He will be running 7000 km across Sahara next year. This is definitely worth reading.
  • Istanbul marathone done

    16 Nov 2014 | 8:23 am
    Just finished the Istanbul Marathon in 3:59. Not a PR but I'm quite pleased with that.
  • Istanbul Marathon in three days

    13 Nov 2014 | 5:35 am
    I'm heading to Istanbul tomorrow to run the Istanbul Marathon on Sunday. Last year I only managed to drag myself to the finish line and it turned out to be my slowest marathon. That was due to lack of training and running the first half of the race too fast.I haven't really trained for marathon distance since then and my main focus was running ultra trail races, so a PR sounds too optimistic. But I am in better shape comparing to last year and I hope with pacing myself properly, I will be able to run better this year.I'm sure no matter what happens this Sunday, I'm going to try my best and…
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    Mom's Home Run

  • Chrismas music to run to!

    Nicole orriëns
    20 Dec 2014 | 4:09 am
    Not all Christmasat songs are romantic whispers and soft voiced ballads. There are some that are great to run to!So here's a list of great Christas songs you can add to your running playlist.1. Grandma got run over by a reindeer 2. Who put the dick on the snow man? 3. All I want for Christmas4. Run Rudolph, run! 6. Slade Merry Christmas 6. Rocking around the Christmas tree I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause What's your favorite Christmas song to run to?Don't miss any of my posts! Get yourself a free subscription, and you'll never have to worry about missing out! Enter your email…
  • No pain, no gain: it's about the journey

    Nicole orriëns
    14 Dec 2014 | 9:55 pm
    If someone had offered me the opportunity to skip the whole proces of giving birth, and just have my baby handed over to me on a silver platter, I would have declined.My answer would have been a firm 'no'.The process is important tooThe whole process of giving birth is connected to the process of becoming a mother. And painful though it was, it made the end result, a little baby in my arms, all the more beautiful. The pain of the contractions made me focus on my body, on the here and now. I wasn't thinking about the groceries, or making plans for the weekend: I was having a baby.Without the…
  • Running for stress relief: Dear Killer

    Nicole orriëns
    5 Dec 2014 | 10:22 pm
    I recently read Katherine Ewell's book Dear Killer. And it has got a beautiful passage about running!It's a beautiful description of how running can help you find your balance again, during times of stress!Fragment from Dear Killer'On Sunday morning I went running. I wasn’t a runner, I never ran—but on Sunday morning I went running.Somehow I felt like I needed to do it or I would itch myself out of my skin. I was restless. I needed to run, to get whatever was in me out—so I ran. I wore those ugly tennis shoes my dad bought me last Christmas and a pair of completely unsuitable denim…
  • Running every day, is that okay?

    Nicole orriëns
    29 Nov 2014 | 1:49 am
    Somehow, somewhere, I started to run 6 days a week.I know what caused it. It's the school run! I have to take my youngest son to school every day. And since I do this running alongside him, while he rides his bike, my running frequency went up.And then somehow I decided I had to run on Saturday morning too. Because then I could have a big bag of cheetos without the guilt.All those days of running almost add up to a so called running streak. If it weren't for Sundays. Because those are my rest days.Still I wondered: 'Running every day, is that okay? 'So I decided to do some research!Running…
  • Would you run like this?

    Nicole orriëns
    25 Nov 2014 | 10:40 pm
    Wordless Wednesday Don't miss any of my posts! Get yourself a free subscription, and you'll never have to worry about missing out! Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner
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  • Get Started Running Series (The Foundations of a Successful Beginner Running Program)

    Mark Kennedy
    8 Dec 2014 | 5:56 pm
    Welcome to the fourth interview in the “Get Started Running Series”. Today I chat with Steve Boyd. Steve is the founder and coach of the Physi-Kult running group in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Steve is an accomplished runner at many distances. Many of his best times came after the age of 30. I think you will get a lot out of my chat with Steve. He brings running experience both from the competitive athlete side and the coaching side that not many have. If you want to subscribe to my free email series, that will take you from the couch to running regularly (pain free) click here.
  • Getting Started Running Series (How Leo Babauta Went From 60-Pound Overweight Smoker to a Runner)

    Mark Kennedy
    4 Oct 2014 | 6:30 pm
    This is lesson three of my “Get Started Running” series. Head back to lesson 1 and 2 to catch up on what you’ve missed. Lesson 1 – Choosing Running Shoes, Prepping Your Body and More Lesson 2 – Strength Training, Running Form, Pain Management and More In this lesson, I want to share a story of a runner that started from scratch. Leo Babauta His name is Leo Babauta. In 2005, Leo was a 60-pound overweight smoker when he first decided he was going to become a “runner”. He always struggled to make exercise a habit. Within a year, Leo finally made running a habit and…
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    Runner Academy

  • RA065 | Tyler McCandless: Running By Feel Without A Watch and Thinking Long Term

    Matt Johnson
    15 Dec 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Tyler McCandless is a top American distance runner part of Newton Running elite, a PhD student in Meterology at Penn State and an Olympic Hopeful for the 2016 games in Rio. He’s based in the running mecca of Boulder, Colorado under the tutelage of coach Steve Jones, a former marathon world record holder. While at Penn State, he earned All-American Honors in the 10,000m. Since graduating college, his made the transition to road races qualifying for the 2012 Olympic marathon trials at his first attempt at the distance in the California International Marathon in 2010. Tyler’s won three…
  • How to Overcome “The Voice” to Stop Running or Slow Down

    Matt Johnson
    8 Dec 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Everyone who has ever run even a mile at a hard pace has heard “The Voice.” It’s also very common as you get into the later stages of a long run. It can come without warning while running and take many forms such as: “It hurts, I should really slow down.” “I can’t keep this pace.” “I’m just going to stop and walk for 30 seconds.” As we have explored in past Runner Academy Podcast episodes with experts such as Dr. David Asp, Dr. Stan Beecham and Dr. Tim Noakes the mind is a very powerful determinant of your success as a runner…
  • ER020 | Connor Callihan: Putting Team Ahead of Self

    Matt Johnson
    3 Dec 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Connor Callihan exemplifies the spirit of team, running and truly putting mind over matter. Connor is a junior at T.C. Roberson High School in Asheville, NC where he has been a member of their cross country team for the last 3 seasons. He has made steady improvement as a member of the team and continued to foster a love of running during that time, earning the nickname “Mr. Brightside” for his positive, can-do attitude. In October 2014, he was competing with his team in the final cross country meet of the year when at the end of his 3.1 mile race he collapsed as he sprinted for…
  • RA064 | Dr. Nicholas Romanov: How to Run Faster, Farther and Injury Free

    Matt Johnson
    1 Dec 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Dr. Nicholas Romanov is an author, world-renowned sports scientist with a career spanning over forty years, developer of the Pose Method of running and one of the world’s leading experts on running technique. He was born, raised and educated in Russia, but relocated to United States in the early 1990s. A man of humble beginnings, Dr. Romanov became a star Track & Field athlete. He became a champion with several records in high-jump standing unmatched for years and later a 2-time Olympic Coach that coached champions. He has conducted a significant body of scientific research…
  • How Cold Weather Impacts Your Running

    Matt Johnson
    30 Nov 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Just as hot, muggy summer days have a detrimental effect on your running, cold weather has an impact on your running performance as well.  Unfortunately less attention is given to cold weather performance than hot weather so many runners do not train with this knowledge. The effects of hot weather on your running are quite clear – you will need to slow your pace, put very focused attention on hydration, and watch for warning signs of heat exhaustion. In short, your performance in hot temperatures is not the same as it would be on an optimal 50°F day.  You’ll run slower…
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  • Time to VOTE! My favorite place to run photo contest…

    15 Dec 2014 | 4:15 pm
    Okay – it’s time to vote! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo. I loved hearing the descriptions and what makes you feel strongly about the location you chose. Voting is simple – descriptions are above the photos with a check box. Choose your favorite and scroll to the bottom and click “vote”. You may enlarge photos for a better view by clicking on it directly. I will keep voting open until Wednesday and the winner will be contacted Thursday with your coupon code for your FREE registration for either the Dick’s Sporting Goods Marathon or UPMC Health…
  • Giveaway!! FREE Pittsburgh Marathon or Half Marathon Registration!

    9 Dec 2014 | 5:47 pm
     I am so excited to offer a FREE registration to either the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon or the UPMC Health Plan Half Marathon! Pittsburgh is my home course and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this marathon. I have a couple to compare it to and I have to say Pittsburgh really pulls together a top notch event. You don’t have to take my word for it, Runner’s World ranked it one of the best “newer” marathons in 2014. Read more about that HERE. It’s the course where I claimed my marathon PR and where I’ll shoot for my BQ this…
  • Monday Motivation

    8 Dec 2014 | 6:40 am
  • Weekly Recap – Running is my first Love

    7 Dec 2014 | 6:28 pm
    I don’t know why, but it seems like once December hits, time moves faster. Probably because we’re all trying to beat this big deadline at the end of the month. For the record, I haven’t started shopping yet. No doubt, another reason the month seems to be flying by. I did however find the time to work out this week and try an new sport. I’m still taking the runs light during the week, but after last Sunday’s five mile run outside, I was more comfortable running both Tuesday and Thursday at just under a 9:00 minute pace. I also kept to the treadmill both weekdays…
  • Recipe of the Week: Vegan Mac N Cheese

    2 Dec 2014 | 5:58 pm
    When I was in college Kraft Mac-n-Cheese was a dietary staple. I absolutely still love it today but I’m a little more cautious about pouring that florescent orange/yellow powder over my pasta. Just sayin. Real cheese over pasta is great, but loaded with saturated fat. I was browsing through some of my old VegNews magazines and came across this vegan mac-n-cheese recipe. I couldn’t believe I had never tried it. It was incredibly easy and quick to put together. Nutritional Yeast is the ingredient that gives this dish the “cheesy” flavor and as a bonus, has many…
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    Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

  • 52 Flights on South Side in an Hour!

    9 Dec 2014 | 6:00 am
    South Side of the Point Of The Mountain.  I can't actually remember when I was there last, which is silly considering it's a great paragliding resource for me.  However, it will be a very familiar sight (and site) in my training leading up to the X-Alps, for a lot of reasons.   It's a 200 foot high hill that most people love to soar in the mornings, and it's taught a countless number of new pilots how to fly. In the winter, with a gentle south wind it can be flyable all day, which is was happened this week.  Jim happened to drive by and saw a few wings in the air, so we…
  • Bring on the Zone 3 Workouts!

    7 Dec 2014 | 5:45 am
    So once a week along with my other strength and cardio workouts, I do what is called a Zone 3 workout. That's when I run or stair climb my way up to a high enough heart rate that I am pushing myself hard, while still burning fat rather than carbs.This week my workout was 4 repetitions of 20 min at Zone 3 with 6 min rest, plus warmup and cool down.  It feels hard without being too hard, if you know what I mean.  I did this workout on the treadmill, and ran 10 miles in about 2 hours of intervals. (Ignore the HR glitches in repetition 1, I think someone walked by my treadmill wearing a…
  • VO2 Max Testing

    5 Dec 2014 | 7:26 am
    It's time to start getting serious about being in shape for the X-Alps.    To begin my training more scientifically, I did a VO2 Max test on the treadmill a little while back.   After a warmup, I started running wearing a mask which measures the amount of CO2 and O2 I was using.  Each time 2 minutes passed my speed increased, until the point where I couldn't run anymore.  I think this was 20 something minutes long, I can't remember exactly.  I do remember that it hurt by the end! The VO2 Max test is important in that it tells me the intensity where I am burning…
  • Video: Meet the Athletes of the Red Bull X-Alps 2015

    3 Dec 2014 | 6:00 am
  • Human Race 10k, Thanksgiving 2014

    2 Dec 2014 | 7:23 am
    Who doesn't want to eat a lot on Thanksgiving?   Well, at least running a 10k that morning helped pre-work some of those calories off!    And it's for a good cause...this was a huge race in Draper, with 5,690 runners toeing the start line of the 5k and 10k races.   As you can see from the pictures, the main clothing themes were orange race shirts and turkey hats.   Since proceeds went towards the Utah Food Bank, the race was able to provide the equivalent of 353,000 meals for needy families in Utah! For the first time in a while, I wasn't at the start line alone.
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  • Race Review: The Slime Run 5k

    25 Nov 2014 | 6:22 pm
    One of the most interesting things about being an epic runner is to be able to see races of all stages. A race in its infancy is a completely different experience than a mega-production (say, The Color Run or The Electric Run). Once we’re all rich, we’d love to put on Epic Runs so it’s important that we study races of all sizes and production levels to find both the good (and the not-so-good) and file these thoughts away into our mental “future plans” bank. The Slime Run 5k is a race in its infancy. On the surface (the website, Facebook page, logo, photos, etc.)…
  • Zombies, Run! App Review

    21 Oct 2014 | 7:11 pm
    4/4 Mobs Evaded…JUST sayin’. Let me start by saying I’ve had this app on my phone for over a year and I have used it maybe twice – mainly because I didn’t exactly understand how to use it, and the two times I did use it, the zombies “caught” me and I quickly got frustrated. I’ve been doing some more interval training lately so I decided to give it another shot (plus, since The Walking Dead came back it reminded me that I should probably practice if I’m serious about prepping for the apocalypse). That being said, here is my official…
  • FREE: Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide

    19 Oct 2014 | 11:08 am
    Yes, you heard right. In the spirit of October, the return of The Walking Dead and our terror at Universal Halloween Horror Nights last night, we’ve decided to release the Official Do Epic Runs Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide absolutely FREE ($14.99 value). We truly value having a trained group of people as our allies when the dead take over the earth. Those who arrive…survive? The Do Epic Runs Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide will teach you everything you need to know to be fully prepared for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. In this detailed guide, you will find the following…
  • Race Review: Mud Factor 5k

    4 May 2014 | 12:48 pm
    In my humble opinion, every adult should do a mud run at least once a year. There’s something carnal and primitive about getting completely filthy from head to toe and spending the next three days picking crusted mud out of your ear. On Saturday, April 26, after four days of work travel to Connecticut and Florida, the Mud Factor 5k in San Bernadino was the lucky recipient of one tired but excited epic runner and her adorable date (Matt). We got a great deal on this race from a deal in an email blast and I was personally overdue for a new down and dirty mud run, so even though I was…
  • The Zombie Run Black Ops

    4 Apr 2014 | 8:43 pm
    Well, emptiness has descended upon us once again with the latest season of The Walking Dead having come and gone. What on EARTH are we going to do with ourselves for the next six months?? I can already feel my Daryl withdrawls setting in… Besides keeping up with our Zombie Training, we’ll continue to scout the latest and greatest zombie races and share them with you, starting with The Zombie Run Black Ops. Developed by Human Movement Management, The Zombie Run Black Ops (as part of The Zombie Run) was created when Run For Your Lives (the original Zombie Race) dropped off the face…
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    Pushing Harder, Faster, Longer - Crank101

  • Sorry Vern, No Time for Greatness

    21 Dec 2014 | 3:50 am
    Chatting with my brother on Facebook and I asked again, “Have you watched the Eric Thomas videos I gave you links for?” Oh no, not yet. I forgot. Send me some links, I’ll listen while I work. I went on to explain that listening to Eric Thomas was something that had the power, the potential, […]
  • Pushing Past Cancer

    11 Nov 2014 | 3:57 pm
    I doubt there is a person reading this that hasn’t been affected by cancer. You may not have it, but you’ve been affected by it. You have older relatives, friends, family members that either have it, or had it. It is probably impossible that you don’t know anyone that had cancer. I know someone, a […]
  • Good Points and Bad Points – Suunto Ambit2 R GPS Running Watch

    9 Nov 2014 | 6:18 pm
    So I’ve had some more hands-on time with the Suunto Ambit2 R, as I’ve had it for about a week now. I’ve run with it on trails, at the park, and up a concrete stairway on the side of a mountain. Overall, I must say I’m happy with it. I definitely needed to upgrade from […]
  • Suunto Ambit2 R GPS Running Watch Arrives – Unboxing

    2 Nov 2014 | 9:53 pm
    Happiness is replacing your old running watch with a new running watch. Through the miracle of international shipping my Suunto Ambit2 R GPS running watch with heart rate monitor, made in Finland, arrived in Krabi, Thailand via United States Postal Service from Newton, Massachusetts this morning after purchase on Ebay nine days ago. I have had […]
  • 27 Reasons I love to go Running!

    22 Oct 2014 | 8:57 pm
    Ok! 27 Reasons I love to Go Running… 1. It’s a reward for sitting in the house at the computer for 8-10 hours or doing other things I don’t really want to do. Yes, I said REWARD! If you run just enough to make it fun and don’t run when it’s not fun – then […]
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    Run Coaching, Ironman and Triathlon Specialists - Kinetic Revolution

  • Running Form: ‘Minimum Effective Change’

    James Dunne
    9 Dec 2014 | 8:56 am
    I want to briefly introduce a simple concept I refer to as: Minimum Effective Change. Of course I’m not suggesting I came up with this concept, it feels like another name for common sense Recently I’ve been involved in a number of exchanges on Twitter with coaches, physios and others discussing Running Gait Re-Education, a topic I’m particularly passionate about. The conversations usually start in the context of injury rehab, and often turn to discuss running efficiency. I thought I’d take to the blog to share my thoughts… Path of Least Resistance The way I see…
  • Kilian Jornet: Running Fast & Light in the Mountains

    James Dunne
    1 Dec 2014 | 2:58 am
    Kilian Jornet, the world’s fastest mountain runner was recently interviewed by Channel 4 News… It’s just a quick clip, but an interesting insight all the same Post by Channel 4 News. The post Kilian Jornet: Running Fast & Light in the Mountains appeared first on Run Coaching, Ironman and Triathlon Specialists - Kinetic Revolution.
  • Running for Charity? Three Common Mistakes

    James Dunne
    28 Nov 2014 | 9:48 am
    Spring marathon season will soon be upon us! Holly and I will be running the Barcelona Marathon in March, and many of our friends and clients will be chasing PBs in London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Paris… the list goes on. Many of the runners I meet at this time of year have secured charity marathon places, raising money for their chosen causes. Each one of these selfless runners is starting on their own journey, often with very emotive personal motivations. Three Common Mistakes of the Charity Runner At the risk of making sweeping generalisations, many of the charity runners I meet are…
  • Possibly One of the Most Simple Ways to Improve Running Form!

    James Dunne
    20 Nov 2014 | 6:55 am
    Here’s a super quick video I recorded today during our short break here in Cornwall… As I’ve mentioned in previous videos, I love hill running and stair running as a means or improving running form. With the right cues, running up various inclines helps to encourage proper range of motion at the hip, and reduce the tendency to over stride. For more information on the movement patterns we’re developing here, check out these videos / articles: Knee & Hip Flexion Drill for Better Running Form Hill Running Workouts Made Easier With One Simple Tip The post Possibly One…
  • Forefoot vs Heel Striking: Muscle Activation Patterns

    James Dunne
    5 Nov 2014 | 10:05 am
    If you think back to high school Physics lessons, you might remember being taught about forces being transferred, rather than simply disappearing. In the context of running gait, we can think about this with reference to the way in which we exchange forces all around the body; trading-off stress and strain on one tissue against that applied elsewhere as we alter loading patterns through changes in technique. Real World Example: A great example of this type of trade-off is the way in which a runner with an over striding, low cadence, heel striking gait pattern typically applies more torque…
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    The Runner Dad » Running & Fitness

  • Miles To Grow: Virtual Charity Racing

    Kelly Mitchell
    9 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    Hi everyone! As you know I am a strong believer in using your gifts, such as running, to help others. A while back I wrote a short blog post about running for charity. Today I am happy to share with you a guest post from Kelly Mitchell, the founder of Miles to Grow LLC, a movement to get runners united through virtual races for charity. Volunteering and fundraising has always been a passion of mine.  After I started running races, it was just an added bonus and more fun! I ran my first half marathon in 2011, Rock N’ Roll VA Beach, where my sister and I fund-raced for the Leukemia and…
  • Life of a Flexitarian Marathoner

    Susie Duke
    26 Nov 2014 | 2:00 am
    A flexitarian: both the vegan and the omnivore’s worst nightmare. I am a flexitarian. Not trying to be a nightmare to those of you on one end or the other of the dietary spectrum. Not here to talk horses either. Unfortunate too, because horses are, outside of running, where I find exhilarating peace. A girl’s gotta cross-train. No, instead, I’m a marathoner proposing a flexible way of eating that could fill voids left by diet extremes. If your diet is spurred on by ecological, religious, ethical, or otherwise valid reasons, I hope to at least widen the margins of your view on food. I do…
  • View from the Back of the Pack

    Katy Murray
    24 Nov 2014 | 2:00 am
    I started running when I was fifteen; I’ve now been a runner for more than half my life. I learned to be competitive against myself from the start, and that level of competitiveness has carried me to National Championships, Regional XC team titles, several trips to the podium for individual performances and even a win at a half marathon. I was never a phenomenal runner, but I could run with the best of them, and enjoyed the exhilaration that came with PRs, or simply a strong effort with a solid finish. It’s why, in 2014, when I found myself running at the back of the pack, I…
  • Tips for Surviving an Ice Bath

    Matt Orlando
    10 Nov 2014 | 2:00 am
    The ice bath. One of running’s greatest rights of passage. The need for an ice bath signifies a milestone in your training. You have passed into double-digit mileage. You are well into your training and getting physically and mentally prepared for one of the greatest challenges a runner faces: the double-digit race. Whether you are running 12 miles or 20 miles, taking an ice bath will greatly decrease your post-long-run recovery time and have you back to walking normal faster than you would have thought possible. Since I started running half and full marathons in 2007, I have taken…
  • Cross Training Gets Results

    Nick Foote
    28 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    I am a runner. While I did not run in high school or college, I am a runner. It was not until I reached my peak weight of 220lbs and sitting in a cubicle that I knew I needed to do something. Running became what drove the weight off, along with stress and some self-diagnosed depression. Running saved me. While I will always tell people I am a first and foremost a runner, all the other things I do work to make me a better runner. I am a Crossfitter. I am a Triathlete. I am an Obstacle Course Racer. I enjoy GORUCK events. By staying as well-rounded as possible I see more gains on my runs.
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    Believe In The Run

  • Skechers GOrun Ride 4 Review

    Meaghan Murray
    21 Dec 2014 | 3:19 pm
    Skechers GOrun Ride 4 Review The Good Meaghan: Pipe down, haters! Skechers made a good looking shoe here. In fact, this is one my favorite colorways from the entire GOrun line. The GOrun Ride 4 is my favorite update. I may be a little biased (I was lucky to be involved with the testing process from the 3 to the 4), […] The post Skechers GOrun Ride 4 Review appeared first on Believe In The Run.
  • Ashmei Hooded Zip

    Thomas Neuberger
    15 Dec 2014 | 2:08 pm
    Once again Ashmei makes quality and style look effortless. The merino hoodie looks fairly simple until you start looking at the details. But who cares if it isn’t functional right?! That’s where the hoodie stands out. on cool windless days the merino regulates your body temperature and breathes like a dream. One of my runs […] The post Ashmei Hooded Zip appeared first on Believe In The Run.
  • Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 Review

    Meaghan Murray
    14 Dec 2014 | 2:43 pm
    Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 Review Johnny reviewed the original GOrun Ultra last year, so we asked him to test out the second version of the shoe. Here are his thoughts on the updates. PS – Johnny ran the Stone Mill 50 miler in these as part of the review process. The good: Johnny: I was […] The post Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 Review appeared first on Believe In The Run.
  • 2015 Running shoe preview

    Thomas Neuberger
    6 Dec 2014 | 5:20 pm
    Here are some of the running shoes coming your way in 2015 We just returned from Austin, Texas where we were able to preview running trends for 2015. Here were some of the shoes that got us excited. All pictures ©2014 Newton Running Motion IV Newton Running Distance IV Newton Running Gravity IV Men’s […] The post 2015 Running shoe preview appeared first on Believe In The Run.
  • Best in Gear Holiday Guide

    Thomas Neuberger
    28 Nov 2014 | 9:03 am
    Believe in the Run Best in Gear Holiday Guide We reviewed some great running gear this year making this a tough post to put together. Click on the image to learn more about and to purchase the products. Below the image we have links to our reviews. View on mobile.   Newton Fate Review – […] The post Best in Gear Holiday Guide appeared first on Believe In The Run.
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  • Gametiime Asks: Why do you race? What makes racing fundamentally different than an everyday run?

    12 Dec 2014 | 8:12 am
    Answers from Oiselle Runners… Jessica Morrow – I enjoy running on my own and definitely do most of my weekly mileage by myself. Sometimes on a long run by yourself you can start to doubt yourself and what you are doing. You come up with excuses to do less than your best. I love races, especially really big races with thousands of participants. Running with friends or running a race with a lot of people gives you visual representation that you aren’t the only crazy person out there. Longer distance races like half marathons and marathons are really fun because you know…
  • Leaderboard: Gametiime Groups!

    3 Dec 2014 | 4:06 pm
    We launched Gametiime Groups Beta a couple months back and, have since brought on two batches of avid running groups. We’ve seen them connect for meet ups, share tips and experiences, and (of course) have a place to discover and share races they love to do — easier than ever. Here are our largest groups on Gametiime. Click below to join any you’d like! 1. Oiselle Runners – 331 members 2. Sub 30 Club – 230 members 3. Team #runDisney – 110 members 4. #RaceChat Crew – 55 members 5. Team Zelle – 49 members 6. SKORA Insiders – 43 members…
  • Leaderboard: Race finisher medalists!

    30 Nov 2014 | 11:43 am
    A little less than a week ago, we launched race finisher medals —  a way to recognize your efforts and add a little race bling to your Gametiime profiles. Here’s our leaderboard of top 10 race finisher medalists currently on Gametiime. Check out their profiles, give ‘em a congrats, and start verifying your race finishes to get medals too! #1 – Cyndi Tolentino #2 – Allyson P #3 – Bill Culver #4 – Jessie Wammock #5 – Kevin Morimoto #6 – Charlie Mann #7 – Divina Sachen #8 – Mika Munari #9 -Sharon Brancato, Patricia Duboise,…
  • Introducing: Race finisher medals on Gametiime

    24 Nov 2014 | 11:11 am
    You work hard for the races you finish. Miles of training and hours of commitment are just the beginning. We recognize that. And, we want to give you a way to capture milestones that make you the runner you’ve become — not for a single race, but for every race in your running journey. Today, we are excited to announce race finisher medals on Gametiime! With these digital mementos, your efforts and achievements will be forever captured and displayed for all to see. As you claim more medals from past races, you will get an official count of all the races you’ve run…
  • Introducing: Leave a comment on a friend’s saved race

    23 Oct 2014 | 10:36 pm
    As Gametiime continues to evolve into a more and more robust platform for runners to socially connect, it’s only appropriate that we give you additional ways to communicate with one another. Whether it’s for a good luck or a few quick tips leading up to an event, or a congratulations after a successful race finish, we thought it would be useful to give to give you the ability to leave a comment on a friend’s saved race. Here are two ways to leave saved race comments: (1) Open a daily digest email you receive* that includes races saved by people you follow and click the…
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    Running Life

  • Foods That Fight Headaches

    17 Dec 2014 | 4:22 am
    I suffer from headaches, to me they are really bad and they typically stick around for up to a week!!! Although I try to carry on with my life, they do slow me down and I would really just like to sit in a cold room with my eyes closed. For obvious reasons, I can’t do that. So I have… Read more →
  • Guest Post: American ‘Barefooters’ and Their Reasons for Doing Life Without the Comfort of Shoes

    15 Dec 2014 | 12:57 pm
    I hate wearing shoes and, by way of such a simple statement, I bet I know what image you’ve already concocted as to the state of my appearance: dreadlocks, Grateful Dead t-shirt, scraggly beard and — obviously — a set of beaten, callused feet. Well, you’d be wrong in that assumption. I’m not an extremist, by any stretch of the… Read more →
  • Christmas Playlist

    12 Dec 2014 | 1:48 am
    Christmas is nearly here and I love to listen to Christmas songs, so I thought I would share my Chrstimas playlist with you all!     Merry Christmas!!! Read more →
  • My #LoveFit of the week is….Rio Rosa Mosqueta

    8 Dec 2014 | 4:05 am
      I have been struggling with my skin for the past few weeks, and have been suffering from breakouts and dry skin patches near my nose and mouth. A friend recommended Rio rosa Mosqueta, and at first I wasn’t sure, as it is an oil and I always thought it left you feeling slimy and a bit sticky.    … Read more →
  • Fitmas gifts

    5 Dec 2014 | 1:18 am
    I absolutely love christmas! Like I mean I turn into a 4 year old as soon as the 1st December arrives! I am also a regular joe who doesn’t have lots of money to spend of all the new gadgets and the latest fashions, so I feel that christmas is the perfect opportunity to ask for something you wouldn’t normally… Read more →
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    Fuel Your Future with Tina Muir

  • UVA SPEED Clinic

    Tina Muir
    19 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    As you know, I have had quite a few setbacks this year. As the rest of my life seemed to slot into place, my running appeared to be moving in the wrong direction. In the build up to Chicago, I felt weak, and had injuries to restrict my training even more. As you saw, I went through a minor depressive state with my running, and I was very negative towards it. Steve had to deal with this, and knew it was time to do something drastic. We have known for years that I have inefficiencies, and throughout my collegiate career, I could get away with them. Running a sub 16:10 5k may be tough, and bad…
  • 2014 Blogging Year in Review- Running Features

    Tina Muir
    17 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    I am currently in Charlottesville, Virginia at the SPEED clinic at UVA. Steve and I decided enough is enough, and drove for 6 hours yesterday to get here to see a specialist. If I am going to continue training at a high level, and chase down that Great Britain Jersey (and my dream of someday running 2:30), I am going to have to figure out my inefficiencies. This clinic has some of the best technology in the country, so it was worth driving for. From here we are going to Indiana to visit my family friends for a few days. I will be working in every spare moment I have, so I wanted to leave…
  • Chocolate Covered Anything Day with Balance Bar

    Tina Muir
    16 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    Happy Tuesday? Surprised to see me? It feels strange for me writing this post too, but I wanted to interrupt my usual blogging schedule, because today is a special occasion. Today (in America, of course) is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! I can feel my dad (and probably some of you) rolling eyes at me right now, but its true! Chocolate Covered Anything Day is the perfect day to enjoy your favorite chocolate covered treats, and who needs an excuse to do that?! I definitely do not! However, this is technically a healthy living blog, so I am going to recommend a more nutritious…
  • Meatless Monday- Cranberry and White Chocolate Pancakes

    Tina Muir
    15 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my struggles in my Year of Running, or on Becca’s Finding Myself posts last week. We were both so grateful for your support, and it truly means a lot to me that I am surrounded by such wonderful, supportive people. Thank you! It’s Monday again! Now I have been working full-time for a little while, I feel like I am allowed to say “Ugh, is it already Monday?!” like everyone else….although, I am very lucky that my boss is flexible with my hours to allow me to go do the therapy, massage, and…
  • Guest Post- Finding Myself Again

    Tina Muir
    12 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    Happy Friday! Today I am going to share the story of someone very close to my heart, someone whose friendship I cherish, and I can feel proud that I made a difference in her life. I would like you to meet Becca. Becca was an athlete of mine at La Salle, and although I have told you that I have very close friends and family who have been through Anorexia and Bulimia, I have never been through it myself. You know how I feel about Weight Fluctutations as I showed in my post last week, but I thought it would be good for you to read a story about someone who did break out of a dangerous,…
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  • Running Challenge 2015 – To Run 2015 Miles

    Dan Williams
    17 Dec 2014 | 7:03 am
    Recently, on Facebook, I’ve noticed a few friends taking part in the Marcothon Challenge. It consists of running a minimum of 3 miles or 25 minutes every day during December. Whilst it sounded like something I’d like to do, given my recent injury, it just wasn’t possible. Then I came across a general suggestion from […] The post Running Challenge 2015 – To Run 2015 Miles appeared first on WightRunner.
  • Now Running (sort of): Fortnight Of 14/12/14

    Dan Williams
    14 Dec 2014 | 9:55 am
    It’s now been just over 11 weeks since my accident in which I fractured both heels and I’ve been getting on my feet. Although I’m not sure I’ve been doing it in the way my consultant would be recommending. On Monday 24th November I had my first physio appointment and she gave me a few […] The post Now Running (sort of): Fortnight Of 14/12/14 appeared first on WightRunner.
  • Asics Gel DS Trainer 17 Review

    Dan Williams
    12 Dec 2014 | 2:40 pm
    A lightweight training shoe from Asics who’s previous incarnations have made them popular as a training and racing shoe for mild over-pronators that require a little support. I'd heard good things about these Asics trainers meant to be good so I thought I'd give them a go. The post Asics Gel DS Trainer 17 Review appeared first on WightRunner.
  • Need Inspiration? 3 Ultra Running Books That Succeed

    Dan Williams
    5 Dec 2014 | 1:08 pm
    I think I could have titled this post ‘An excuse to put off training: I’ll finish the book first!‘ as these biographical stories on ultra running might just have you thinking that! They certainly had that effect on me. Each book tells an inspirational story of pushing oneself further that you’d think. In all 3 […] The post Need Inspiration? 3 Ultra Running Books That Succeed appeared first on WightRunner.
  • Oops! I Didn’t Want To Break Both My Heels

    Dan Williams
    30 Nov 2014 | 10:29 am
    Oops wasn’t exactly what I said! I think it was something a bit stronger than that. But I did break both heels. Off for a weekend of running? On the 25th September all was going well, I’d recently been running well and when I awoke that morning I was looking forward to a weekend away. I […] The post Oops! I Didn’t Want To Break Both My Heels appeared first on WightRunner.
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